Welcome To Ireland From The Old Storehouse

Welcome To Ireland From The Old Storehouse

Walking the cobbled stone streets and being surrounded by the inviting bars, pubs, taverns, musicians and eccentric personalities reminds me of why I have longed to come back to the Emerald Isle.  This country unabashedly knows how to have a good time.  As I step through a giant green stable door that acts as the portal to The Old Storehouse Bar and Restaurant,  I am instantly greeted by a room full of enthusiastic clapping and warm hoots and hollers.  On stage there is a two man band comprised of an acoustic soloist and an accordion  player.  The two of them furiously show off their talent, especially the accordion player, who has sweat pouring down his brow as he bobs and sways like he was playing an electric guitar rather than an awkward box.  I sit down to grab a bite of their “well known” and respected menu. Then to my amazement a young American Family with a small child, probably no older then 2 years old, steps in front of the stage and begins to dance for everyone’s amusement.  Rather than the people looking at the parents with glaring stares of contempt for having a child in the bar, the room of eighty or so, rise to their feet and cheer the young lad on.  The band gets off the stage and plays directly in front of the tyke and when the music stops the bar erupts with smiles and giddiness.  That’s when it hits me, while drinking a Guinness that had probably been delivered from the factory that week, eating a delicious plate of bangers and mash and listening to an overjoyed audience cheer a young lad on, that this was what I recalled from my first trip.  Ireland, to me is a wonderful place where people are focused on the common goal of enjoying life.  Also, you have to see their whiskey selection in order to believe it.  All in all this evening had many moments that help me to I know that I am back, and that I have returned to a place I love.

Location: Opposite Bad Ass Cafe in old Eamonn Doran’s building

Hours: 12:00pm to 130am every day

Friday and Saturday to 2:30am

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