Senor Rio Tequila

Senor Rio Tequila

Senor Rio Tequila

Need to find a gift for your favorite loved one this Holiday Season? Do they enjoy a fine spirit? Then don’t hesitate do go out and purchase one of the three fine lines of Señor Rio Tequila this Holiday Season! It is available in limited markets, but as the presser below outlines it is rapidly expanding. So if you haven’t had a chance yet, learn about their outstanding tequila lineup below and read our review of their Anejo tequila here

Senor Rio Premium TequilaPHOENIX, Dec 13, 2011 – What began as a journey to reunite father with daughter, quickly turned into the journey of a lifetime when former accountant Jonathan Gach from New York and his partner Debbie Medina, a former real-estate agent from Chicago took a trip to Mexico to visit Debbie’s father.

During their joyous reunion, Medina’s father broke out a bottle of homemade tequila that had originated from his ancestors in Jalisco Mexico. From this fated bottle Jalisco International Imports, Inc. was born and with it the three distinct lines of Senor Rio Tequila.

Senor Rio Tequila is available in three expressions: the blanco, the reposado and the anejo.

Blanco: can be described as clean and crisp with an appealing hint of citrus that you pick up on the back of your palate. This citrus finish is introduced into the tequila during the fermentation process, when the tanks are left open to the air and the naturally occurring fragrance from the adjacent mango and citrus trees are allowed to commingle with the fermenting tequila.

Reposado: which in Spanish means “rested,” is the blanco, aged for six months in French white oak barrels. The taste and finish of the reposado is a nice balance between oak and honey.

Anejo: which translates as “aged,” is also the blanco, aged for two years in French white oak barrels. This extra resting time reveals a rich and complex aroma of wood and semi- heated finish with depth, full body, and intense flavor. This true connoisseur’s spirit has often been referred to as “The Cognac of Tequilas.”

Each bottle of Senor Rio Tequila has been designed to resemble a beautiful crystal decanter. To further instill the tradition and pride of their family history Debbie and Jon took an old photograph of Medina’s father to become their signature logo. From the name of the tequila to the recipe and logo everything about Senor Rio Tequila is a commitment to tradition and excellence.

In fact their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Senor Rio Tequila received many awards including 90+ ratings from the Wine Enthusiast.

Through hard work and perseverance, Senor Rio Tequila has  grown from being available in just their home state of Arizona to the following markets: Arizona, California, Tennessee, Vermont, Illinois, Connecticut and Oregon in just over two years. But those markets simply are not enough and in 2012, the Senor Rio empire will be establishing new markets including, but not limited to: New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Georgia.

Senor Rio Tequila was started on the simple dream of keeping a family legacy alive and passing a wonderful gift on to the world. The rich history and story is what created this tequila and time is what has perfected it into the elegant spirit that lies before you today. Senor Rio Tequila is a love story of the people involved, the proud traditions carried on, and a true artisans passion for crafting only the finest tequila. If you haven’t already done so yet, taste the excellence, taste the tradition, but most of all taste the difference of Senor Rio Tequila!.

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