Patron Tequila Burdeos Review

Patron Tequila Burdeos Review

Patron Tequila Burdeos

Tequila Review: Patron Tequila BurdeosI have been party to the joy that is a tequila hangover, more times than I care to recall. As a result, I have found myself having a very difficult time recommending spirits of its ilk.  However, Patron’s upper echelon brew known as the Anejo Burdeos is without a doubt an entirely different story.  This remarkable tequila is the finest example of what a blue agave concoction should be when compared to all of its brethren.  Patron has developed several different versions of their tequila line ranging from their Silver to the Anejo and now the Anejo Burdeos.  What really separates this one-of-a-kind tequila is the fact that it’s matured within a unique blend of American mountain oak barrels combined with several different French Bordeaux oak barrels yielding an extremely prevalent fruit filled note that is otherwise absent from any other tequila I have sampled thus far. This particular blend is aged for no less than one year and then distilled once again resulting in an unparallelled version of smooth and delicious tequila.  Patron’s Burdeos literally oozes with quality and perfected refinement.  Having been produced with some of the most stringently observed regulations and packed within one of the most markedly gorgeous exteriors; this is a tequila lover’s dream.  Surprisingly, the taste is extremely mellow as far as tequilas go and the traditionally sharp blue agave, which traditionally has notes of pepper and smoke, is virtually nonexistent. In fact, it finishes with such a velvety complexion, it’s hard to notice that you’re drinking anything at all.  I have literally had tap water that has been more abrasive then this sublimely developed creation.  Now that I’ve talked it up, I have to admit I’m a bit reluctant to talk about its price point per bottle.  Again, as a non-tequila enthusiast, it’s pretty amazing that I’m 100 percent behind this particular one as its price point is typically between $600 to $700 dollars a bottle.  Unfortunately,most will probably never get an opportunity to try this true masterpiece.  However, if you’re lucky enough to have a quality bar nearby that serves very high end spirits then make sure you ask for this one by name!

Price: $600 – $700

Characteristics: Perfect silky and smooth blue agave with a fruity and dynamic complexity.

Verdict: If you can afford it Buy it Now, if not, Buy a Shot Now!

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