Mixin’ It Up Halloween: Early Times Black Widow

Mixin’ It Up Halloween: Early Times Black Widow

As a Halloween approach here is a perfect drink to serve at your upcoming All Hallows Eve party featuring Early Times Whiskey!

Man Up and Declare a Man Day this Halloween Halloween plans? Perhaps you’ll dress up and hit the party circuit. Or maybe under your wife’s command you’ll stay at home for trick-or-treating duty (the latter isn’t all that bad. Remember, you have Monday Night Football to keep you company this year).Regardless of your plans, Early Times wants to help you keep the evening as “manly” as possible, which is exactly why we just asked Master Distiller Chris Morris what his idea of a masculine Halloween Cocktail is. So without further ado, we present to you the Early Times Black Widow.Early Times Black Widow
3 parts Early Times
1 part anise flavored liqueur
1 part crème de cacao
Combine Early Times, anise liqueur and crème de cacao over ice. Enjoy.

Cheers to a Manly Halloween.

Your friends at Early Times

PS – Remember to launch your Early Times Man Day Rescue Mission by November 15th. If you see your bro sporting a costume that requires a little more testosterone, speak up! For example, dressing up like a super hero is awesome. Dressing up like a super hero that requires tight spandex requires an intervention.


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