Mixin’ It Up: Basil Hayden’s® Bluegrass Punch

Mixin’ It Up: Basil Hayden’s® Bluegrass Punch

As many of our readers probably know, Basil Hayden’s Bourbon is quickly gaining popularity among Hollywood A-Listers.  Here’s a new cocktail recipe by that’s perfect for the summer heat!

Desperate Housewives’ Kevin Rahm, is a big fan of Basil Hayden’s and served Basil Hayden’s at his wedding a few weeks ago! He told us that he first tried Basil Hayden’s at the recommendation of a friend and after one sip he immediately knew that “Basil Hayden’s was clearly in a different class. I was sold!” When it came time to decide on what would be served at his wedding, Kevin said that “Basil Hayden’s topped the list. And for more than just its taste and drinkability… it became clear to us that Basil Hayden’s character perfectly complements our celebration.”

As a nod to Kevin and the upcoming summer entertaining/BBQ season, we’ve created Basil Hayden’s Bluegrass Punch, which is inspired by the Kentucky heritage of our bourbon and the summer’s freshest fruit.  It’s the perfect addition to any summer event as it combines our spicy bourbon, tart blueberry and passion fruit juices and mint leaves with a splash of bubbly club soda (or sparkling wine).

Basil Hayden’s® Bluegrass Punch (Created by Debbi Peek, Chicago)


-4 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon

-8 parts Blueberry Juice

-8 parts Passion Fruit Juice

-Sparkling Wine or Club Soda

                                                                                                                      -Fresh Mint Leaves



1. Add Basil Hayden’s, blueberry juice and passion fruit juice to a punch bowl.

2. Top with club soda, fresh mint leaves and blueberry ice ring before serving.


Blueberry Ice Ring:

1. Freeze one bag of frozen blueberries with water in a bunt cake pan.

2. Dip frozen ring into hot water for a few seconds to un-mold.

3. Place in punch bowl with blueberry side face up.

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