Mixin’ It Up: Anchor Distilling Conquers Cocktail Classic

Mixin’ It Up: Anchor Distilling Conquers Cocktail Classic

Recently, Anchor Distiling competed in the Manhattan Cocktail Classic with a number their premium spirits from their expansive and diverse portfolio.  Here’s some info from one of the events and a mixology recipe that’s sure to impress.

 Anchor Distilling’s portfolio divides and concurs

 during Manhattan Cocktail Classic

San Francisco, June 6, 2012 – Anchor Distilling Co. proved its diverse spirits range through the mélange of events, applications, and neighborhoods in which they were represented throughout New York the week of Manhattan Cocktail Classic.  Forty-four spirits, of the extensive 325 spirits portfolio, were tasted from the Hudson River to Brooklyn over five days beginning Thursday, May 10th at an exclusive, invitation only, annual press preview and shopping experience hosted by The Luxury Review at Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.  New York’s elite previewed a number of the world’s finest and most unique luxury brands in jewelry, yachts, hand-built motorcars, private aviation, spirits, among other categories while shopping and sipping on signature cocktails and spirits like The Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Select Reserve.  A partial list of those brands included: Bentley Motors, Jet Aviation, Ducati Motorcycles, Leica Camera, and GM Diamonds.  Leica Digital Camera unveiled their latest and greatest as well as the season’s most highly anticipated convertible motorcar by Bentley, the Continental GTC.

While in at edge of midtown along the Hudson River, bartenders were tasked with using Curacao’s famous Blue Senior Curacao of Curacao liqueur in the Curaçao Tourist Board’s “Rum Rumble: Battle of the Mixologists” at New York’s Hudson Terrace.  Trade, media and other thirsty New Yorkers gathered for this cocktail recipe contest featuring local bartenders competing for the title of “Best Caribbean Rum Cocktail.”  Judges presiding over the mixology competition, including Anchor Distilling’s Marketing Director Rusti Porter, crowned bartender extraordinaire, Caesar-Robert Alfano winner with his “Poseidon’s Tongue Twister” cocktail.

Poseidon’s Twisted Tongue By Caesar-Robert Alfano

3 oz. Blue Senior Curacao of Curacao Liqueur

½ inch piece of fresh ginger4 oz. coconut water

1 ½ oz. Melon rumSplash of simple syrupSqueeze of lime juice

1/3 cup of cooked, coconut flavor tapioca pearls

3 oz. Caribbean cream soda

Mash ginger and combine with lime juice and ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake until fragrant.  Combine Senior Curacao, coconut water, melon rum, and simple syrup and shake.  Spon desired amount of tapioca pearls into the bottom of a cocktail glass, fill glass with ice on top.  Pour cream soda into the glass then pour the Senior Curacao mixture on top and serve.

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