Looking For A Single Malt Whisky?

Looking For A Single Malt Whisky?

Find Single Malt Whisky Locally via Whisky Marketplace New Zealand

Whisky Marketplace

(PRWEB) May 21, 2012

It can be frustrating to not be able to find the whisky one desires from a local retailer, since buying from a local retailer can mean cheaper shipping costs and faster delivery. Ideally, a website for purchasing whisky should allow customers the option to buy whisky locally or internationally, but often a compromise between local convenience or international availability must be made. Fortunately, Whisky Marketplace’s new website for New Zealand customers is the perfect match for whisky lovers who want to buy locally, while still taking advantage of the great deals and prices found when purchasing whisky online.

Whisky Marketplace is in the process of assembling a group of exceptional retailers from Auckland and Wellington to Christchurch and Dunedin to work with the website and supply the best whisky brands all over the world. Customers can use the website’s advanced finder to choose among whiskies by variables such as price, ABV and age. This feature makes searching for favorites a breeze, whether it is general as single malt whisky or as specific as a certain year’s bottling of Redbreast whiskey. Even comparing prices among different retailers, both local and international, is very simple with Whisky Marketplace. The website also supplies a wealth of knowledge for the whisky lover who loves to learn. Browsers can read customer reviews or check out the website’s blog, where the team passionately discusses the taste and qualities of whiskies from distilleries all over the world.

Next time someone wants to buy scotch online, they will not necessarily have to buy it from Scotland; local New Zealand retailer might have some in stock for their purchasing pleasure. If someone wants to import some whisky from Ireland, that can be done as well. The option is in the customer’s hands when visiting Whisky Marketplace’s new website for New Zealand.

To make a whisky purchase or to find more information, please visit: http://www.whiskymarketplace.co.nz/

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