Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Kentucky Bourbon

Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Kentucky Bourbon

Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Kentucky Bourbon

Jim Beam's Devil's Cut Kentucky BourbonSince 1795 Jim Beam has been producing one of the most popular Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys ever to land on retail shelves.  Clearly, saying that they have stuck with a formula that has worked for over 200 years is an understatement.  However, not satisfied to merely rest on their laurels, innovators at the Beam Global Spirits & Wine in Chicago and the distillers at the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, joined forces and decided to create a new concoction utilizing an entirely new whiskey recovery process.  All welcome the Devil’s Cut.  After the completion of the standard aging process in which the barrels are filled, matured and eventually drained, a brand new and unique addition begins.  During most maturing processes a single charred white oak barrel is used about a total of four times.  It is at that point that the white oak has absorbed all of the whiskey and moisture it can handle resulting in a breakdown within the expansion and contraction process.  Rather than simply discard the whiskey saturated barrels, Jim Beam uses a new breed of technology that pulls and draws the remaining whiskey from the oak.  The portion of product that evaporates during maturation is known as the angel’s share.  It is with that mythos in mind that the marketing team at Jim Beam decided that stealing the last bit of the angel’s share would be called the Devil’s Cut.  Once extracted, the recovered bourbon is added to another barrel filled with 6yr aged Jim Beam Bourbon.   Instantly, a few profile notes make themselves known as soon as you lay your eyes on the bottle; one, its 90 proof and two, it looks dangerous.  Surprisingly, for as high as the alcohol content is, the nose is sweet and subdued.  Even once the mixture passes by the gums it still seems milder and more mellow then one would initially be led to believe.  The flavor is distinctively Beam with a uniquely heavy oak wood pulp flavor that finishes long and smooth.  Now I can’t go as far as saying that this is the next logical step for the future of distilling, but I do think its an interesting new world that might be explored a bit more.  It’s not the best bourbon I’ve had in the last few years, but it is unique and definitely interesting enough to justify its reasonable price point of about $22.00 a bottle.  So if you’re a whiskey person, which if you have read this far I would have to assume you are, then step into a brave new world of whiskey distillation and give the Devil’s Cut a try!


Price:  $22.xx per bottle

Characteristics: Slightly peppery bourbon with a powerful white oak pulp flavor

Verdict:  Go dance with the Devil.

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