Hudson Single Malt Whiskey

Hudson Single Malt Whiskey

Hudson Single Malt Whiskey

When most people think of whiskey, their mind’s palate conjures up warm profiles of sugary oak notes layered throughout hints of smoke, vanilla and spice.  Although every whiskey is unique and each one possess variations and nuances specific to their recipes, ingredients and processes (thankfully, otherwise we wouldn’t really have much to talk about around the office), it’s not often we come across a complete reboot of the genre.

hudson single maltLast Monday, we sampled Tuthilltown Distillery’s Hudson Single Malt Whiskey and I can’t recall having ever sampled whiskey whose profile was so wildly unique.  Frankly, I’m having a hard time convincing my palate it’s whiskey at all.  Having recently been blown away by their Manhattan Rye, we knew we were in for a treat, but none of us were expecting whiskey boasting a profile that was nearly equal parts Scotch whisky and American whiskey.

The Hudson Single Malt is comprised of locally grown, 100% malted barley, which endows the whiskey with its notable scotch profile. Essentially, the whiskey begins as a scotch based mash that is then aged using an American whiskey process employing charred, fresh oak barrels.  Visually, the Hudson Single Malt has a rich amber hue and is completely free of any sediment.  The nose is mild compared to its rye based brother, releasing mild aromatics of sweet vanilla and warm oak.  On the palate, it doesn’t take long to recognize that this is not your typical bourbon.   At 46% ABV, the traditional sweetness present in most whiskey is almost entirely muted by the sharpness of the barley.  The body of the profile has a strong oak flavor representing the whiskey, but then the finish is quite dry; more akin to a scotch whisky.  Additionally, the finish is moderate in length with the scotch notes handily dominating the whiskey’s more traditional profile characteristics.  By adding just a bit of water, the barley becomes even more prevalent resulting in an even further removed whiskey experience and it also adds a slightly longer finish to the profile.

Although it may not be for everyone, the Hudson Single Malt certainly provides a unique experience for either the Scotch whisky connoisseur or the American whiskey traditionalist.  If you’re a diehard American whiskey drinker and not particularly a fan of single malts, you may want to look elsewhere.  However, if you enjoy both spirits equally, then the Hudson Single Malt is a dynamic twist on a traditional favorite.  Similar to their other varieties, the Hudson Single Malt is available in 375ml for around $40.00.

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  1. Jason Schwartz September 4, 2012 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Joe, you’re absolutely right. Thanks for the catch. Those were actually a typo I meant to change prior to posting and it’s been corrected (Tuesday’s are always a little hazy thanks to our Monday night meetings). Just FYI, in order for a whiskey to be a bourbon it must be made from at least 51% and no more than 79% corn, and aged for at least two years. It also cannot be distilled above 160 proof and only Kentucky can produce whiskey with the designation of bourbon on the label. Thanks for the kind words.

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