Happy Holiday’s From Knob Creek

Happy Holiday’s From Knob Creek

This year, Knob Creek is offering the mature, full-flavored bourbon you love with a personalized holiday message that will make any Knob Creek bottle look as unique as it tastes (see attached images below). All you need to do is complete a few simple steps on our website and we’ll send you one of the below personalized Knob Creek labels in the mail along with instructions on how to attach it to your bottle… and then just like that, you have a personalized gift that shows you took a little more effort than just stopping by the liquor store this year.

The thing is, the deadline to submit labels for printing for arrival before Christmas is tomorrow (December 15), so if you’re interested you’d need to post ASAP! So sorry for the tight timing on this, but we had issues getting photos of the labels to share. I included more information below for your reference. I hope you will consider sharing this news with your readers.



A customized Knob Creek holiday label the perfect gift for the spirits lover on your list. 

Creating a label is easy – all you need to do is complete a few simple steps on the Knob Creek website by December 15 in order to create a stylish, personal holiday label just in time for the holidays.

The labels are free to create and you can create as many labels as you want (though as with enjoying Knob Creek, moderation is the best policy. So please enjoy the privilege responsibly and fill out only as many as you really need.)

Each label offers 2 lines of text you can customize.

Once submitted, you will be mailed your customized label with instructions on how to affix it to your Knob Creek bottle.

SRP on a 750ml bottle of Knob Creek is $29.99 (but again, creating one of Knob Creek’s customized labels is absolutely free)

There are 3 different labels to choose from, 2 of which are specifically holiday focused.

The website to submit your label request(s) is www.knobcreek.com/labels

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