Glenmorangie Finealta Single Malt Scotch

Glenmorangie Finealta Single Malt Scotch

Glenmorangie Finealta Single Malt Scotch

Whisky Review: Glenmorangie Finealta Single Malt ScotchIt’s no big surprise that we here at Cigar Brief are big, big fans of Glenmorangie Company Ltd. and their world renowned scotch whisky.  They are a tried and true company with excellent products and a passion for innovation that would rival most tech companies.  The Highland distillery has been releasing very specialized and extremely rare small batch runs of its award winning scotch for several years now and they never disappoint.  With amazing concoctions like the Signet, Pride and numerous others they have had a perfect track record in creating unique and refined scotch whiskys.  Now they have done it again with another small batch called Finealta.  At 46% ABV the Finealta undergoes an elaborate maturation process.  According to Glenmorangie, “Finealta was a painstaking recreation of a recipe dating back to 1903. Matured in a combination of American white oak casks and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks this whisky is unusual for its light touch of peatiness – a reminder of a time when Glenmorangie dried its barley in a peat fired kiln.”  The nose has a sweet citrus note layered with a light smoke and only the faintest alcohol scent.  The Flavor is excellent with powerful and rich citrus flavors combined with sweet sugary oak goodness.  As the profile continues it becomes markedly more complex with hints of spice that help lengthen the finish.  This is about as full and rounded a finish as a finish can get with a sweet charred oaky aroma that really reveals the long maturation process the spirit underwent.  At about $70.00 to $80.00 a bottle, this scotch whisky is an absolute steal when you compare it to some of the ultra high priced doppelgangers that it easily rivals. So in the end, if you like expertly refined scotch that’s deep, complex and a reasonably affordable price then I guarantee that you and your wallet will love Finealta.

Price:  $70.00 – $80.00 per bottle

Characteristics: Citrus profile with a bit of smoky and sweet spice.

Verdict:  Buy Now!

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