EFFEN Cucumber and Vanilla Infused Vodka

EFFEN Cucumber and Vanilla Infused Vodka

EFFEN Cucumber and Vanilla Infused Vodka

Vodka Review: EFFEN's Cucumber and Vanilla Infused VodkaI’ve always believed that there are only two kinds of companies in the world, those that have style and those that have substance, but every once in a while a company comes along and surprises you with both.  One perfect example is EFFEN Vodka, a well executed balance that screams sleek while still taking the time and money to develop a fantastic product.  EFFEN vodka is known within the bar industry as being the only vodka “created by the industry for the industry.  For instance, the elongated green label is actually a no-slip sleeve for better handling in order to help benefit bartenders everywhere.  Although telling the bartender “I want some EFFEN Vodka!!” never seems to get old, it actually means “smooth” in Dutch.  What separates EFFEN from the pack is the fact that their vodka is %100 wheat based rather than potato resulting in much smoother and better balanced vodka.  Lately, there has been a definite spike in the number of distilleries producing cucumber infused spirits and EFFEN, in their tradition for innovation, have released their newest creation, EFFEN Cucumber and Vanilla Infused Vodka.  Now to many this new trend is completely perplexing.  I would imagine that few customers often think of cucumber as a profile missing from their mixed cocktail, however, if you haven’t tried a cucumber infused spirit yet, you may be pleasantly surprised.  The cucumber adds a naturally clean and crisp flavor that is definitely distinctive amongst the wide field of clear spirits.  According to EFFEN their new amalgamation was “inspired by the essence of freshly harvested vine ripened cucumbers” and “designed to embody EFFEN’s smooth, clean and crisp taste that vodka lovers have come to expect from the brand”.  Kim Washington, the Senior Director of Vodkas for Beam Global Spirits and Wine, (EFFEN’s parent company) believes that “cucumber is one of the most exciting flavors being used in today’s top bars and high-end restaurants, making it the perfect fit for the EFFEN line.  It’s unique, but not unapproachable”.  The nose is surprisingly bright with the scent of fresh cucumber while the infused vanilla is subdued. As soon as the vodka grazes your palette it is extremely smooth from start to finish and thanks to the wheat base; the finish is well balanced and lacks the typical raw alcohol flavor found in many lesser vodkas.  The infused cucumber profile is very clean and doesn’t taste like an artificial or gimmicky liqueur.  Instead it tastes as if you just muddled a fresh cucumber and blended it with super premium vodka.  While not something you might want to necessarily take several shots of, there are countless recipes that marry perfectly like an EFFEN Cucumber Bloody Mary or an EFFEN Cucumber Martini (appearing in the mixology section soon).  All in all this one is a winner, super premium wheat vodka at a very reasonable price point combined with the flexibility and versatility it adds to a well stocked bar, you can’t lose!

Price:  $25.00 per bottle

Characteristics: Velvety smooth, crisp and clean with infused cucumber and vanilla.

Verdict: Buy Now!

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