Cuban Arabica Coffee: Santiago blend

Cuban Arabica Coffee: Santiago blend

Cuban Arabica Coffee: Santiago blend

Editors Note: Few things pair as wonderfully as a fine cigar and a delicious cup of Cuban coffee.  Thanks to our friends over at the Decent Cigar Emporium in Dublin Ireland, we recently received a pound of the finest Cuban Arabica coffee.  Although it may be difficult to get, if you’ve never had Cuban coffee before, do yourself a favor and get yourself a pound of Cafe de Cuba before your next smoking session.

Cuban Arabica Coffee“Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.” – Drew Sirtors

“Ah! How sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine!”  – (J.S. Bach “Coffee Cantata”)

I share those sentiments and prefer a strong, aromatic coffee with low acids to start my day.

Just such nectar is the Santiago blend of Cuban grown Arabica coffee.

Upon opening the package, the nose is met by a strong and robust musk which is maintained through the brew process until finally in the cup where the aroma starts to mellow a bit. With the strong fragrance one would expect an aggressive and possibly oily flavor.

One would be mistaken.

What is provided to the palette is a robust, however smooth and silky textured coffee with a rich flavor and unexpectedly light finish. The coffee presents only a minor bit of acid which is usually an attribute of the darker roasts.

All in all, quite pleasant but may not appeal to folks who are hooked on the ubiquitous lighter and typically more watery “breakfast” blends.

This coffee is an exclusive with Café de Cuba, sole importer to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

On-line distribution makes a 250 gram (~8.8oz.) package available to the US at a price of ~$13.30USD (€8.25) with a shipping charge of ~$8.40USD (€5.20). Prices are based on pound to dollar conversion rates as of this writing.

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