Canadian Club Sherry Cask Rye Whisky

Canadian Club Sherry Cask Rye Whisky

Lets start by admitting that I’m a sucker for a good rye based whisky and I was fortunate enough to try one I hadn’t previously been aware of before.  With its inception in 1858, Canadian Club whisky was developed by Hiram Walker and Sons distillery in Ontario, Canada.  Originally brewing in Detroit, Michigan, prohibition forced Walker to travel north in order to continue distilling his socially controversial creation.  It wasn’t until the Bottled in Bond law of 1894 that Americans were finally exposed to this popular whisky.  Canadian Club has become well known as a good bargain priced rye whisky, but when they pull out all the stops like they did with their Sherry Cask, be prepared to sit down and strap on your seat belt because this creation will bowl you over with flavor and complexity. At 41.3% ABV this brew packs a punch.  The nose is fruity and sweet with  a surprisingly mild alcohol scent.  In the highball the color is a beautiful and rich amber and ruby hue that really showcases the complexity of the whisky.  The Sherry Cask iteration by Canadian Club is double matured, first in charred white oak barrels for eight years and then re-casked in barrels from the Sherry wine region of Spain.  This dynamic process creates a remarkable profile of flavors ranging from berries and raisins to spicy peppery notes.  Even with the cavalcade of flavors the finish is balanced and rounded with a smooth and clean finale.  Overall, the nuances contained within this spirit are intricately complex and vibrant.  This wonder brew from Canadian Club can be a little difficult to find, in that it is not on your typical store shelf at most retailers.  However, if you do come across it definitely give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Price: Price: $24.XX

Characteristics: Dynamic fruits and spices with a smooth and rounded finish.

Verdict: Buy Now!

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