Beer Review: Odell’s Easy Street Wheat Beer

Beer Review: Odell’s Easy Street Wheat Beer

Beer Review: Odell’s Easy Street Wheat

Beer Review: Odell's Easy Street WheatAs summer finally begins to come to a close it’s getting close to the time when we start looking towards the darker and bolder beers of the fall.  However, before we leave the blistering season behind I recently came across the perfect summer brew to help finish out this year’s unrelenting heat wave, Odell’s Easy Street Wheat.   The Odell Brewing Company, located in Colorado, was only the second micro brewing company to take root in the state.  Formed in 1989, Odell’s saw immediate commercial success by crafting highly refined, small batch brews that were unique and distinctive amongst the litany of brewers within the worldwide beer market.  Today they brew out of a 45,000 square foot distillery which produces about 45,000 barrels of delicious beer each year.  It goes without saying that Odell’s was a company founded by passionate and innovative individuals with an inextinguishable fervor for creating exceptional products.  According to Odell, “we are dedicated to sharing our passion for delicious beer with our ever-growing family of fans. Experimentation with beer recipes, barrel aging and yeast cultivation coupled with our dedication to our customers and each other keep our creative juices flowing and our reputation for excellent, innovative beers growing.”  Odell’s Easy Street Wheat is an unfiltered American-style wheat beer that is light, crisp and refreshing.  The name Easy Street is derived from the fact that the beer is unfiltered allowing the brewers to “take it easy” and leave the yeast in the final product in order to develop a smooth and well balanced finish.  The brew is very mild with hints of crisp citrus notes throughout.  Having won multiple awards over the last 18 years including two Gold medals for best American-Style Hefeweizen from the Great American Beer Festival, this is a beer worth becoming familiar with.  So beat what’s left of the heat and give this perfect summer brew a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Price:  $10.00 per 6 pack

Characteristics: Crisp and refreshing with hints of citrus and a clean finish.

Verdict:  Buy Now!

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