Year In Review: Jay’s Top Five Cigars 2011

Year In Review: Jay’s Top Five Cigars 2011

Well, its time to look back at all of the good times, great friends and superb cigars we spent time with over the last year.  We here at Cigar Brief have made it our goal to not only keep you (the reader), well informed about the products you know and love, but also to shed some light on some equally desearving but lesser known boutique cigars.  Due to the massive number new cigars to hit store shelves this year, determining the top 5 cigars of 2011 was a nearly impossible task.  Here are the 5 cigars that I was most impressed with this year.


5.)  San Lotano Maduro – What a year it’s been for A.J. Fernandez and the San Lotano line.  Big praise and big controversy seem to follow this vitola wherever it goes.  Put simply, the first true Brick and Mortar cigar produced by A.J. Fernandez is everything a Maduro should be. Review here.


4.)  Tatuaje Avion – Super tasty and flawlessly constructed. This is definitely one of the real standouts of 2011.  Unfortunately, standardization is a bit of an issue. The Avion would have received a higher spot on the list if it wasn’t for the above average inconsistency in flavor profile between sticks. Review here.


3.)  Fuente Forbidden X Lost City – Extremely rare, very expensive and a treat for even the most seasoned smoker.  Few cigars can match the quality and consistency of any Opus.  Containing a seasonally unique aged tobacco the Lost City is no exception touting a perfect draw and a slightly subdued potentcy compared to other Opi like the Shark or the limited edition Short Story maduro.


2.)  Padron 64 85th Anniversary Edition – Excellent, like any of the Anniversary series Padron the 85th is an absolute powerhouse.  Chocked-full of heavy flavors and superbly constructed, Padron continues to consistently offer one of the best whole series of cigars made worldwide.


1.)  Tatuaje Black Lancero – What a wonderful surprise.  This small batch limited release smoke may be a bit difficult to come across, but worth every second it takes to track one down.  My personal preferences tend to steer me towards strong,  full flavored cigars and the Tatuaje Black is no exception.  For me personally, the Black manages to strike a perfect balance between medium to full strength and delicious flavor.  Tack on the fact its available at a  nominal sub $10.00 price tag and there you have it, a fiscally responsible atomic flavor bomb.


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