Toraño Vault A-008

Toraño Vault A-008

Everyone loves a good tale and the story of the Vault is one such enjoyable yarn. As legend and talking points have it, the story behind the Vault cigar is a journey down memory lane. Since about 1982 every blend the Toraño family has put together has been jotted down in a blend book that has been kept within in the family vault. The blend that was first known as Liga A-008 was first penned in 2000 and was shelved until recent times. Liga A-008 was shelved due to a missing component at the time and was considered to be a great blend, but ultimately it was lacking something, and that something was finally realized in the format that is now known as the Vault.

The Vault is a complex cigar in its creation components. It utilizes a Shade-Grown Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper, a double binder of Nicaraguan Ometepe and Honduran Jamstran, and a binder comprised of tobaccos from Esteli and Condega. The missing component so to speak, was the secondary binder of Ometepe leaf that provided a strong unique zest to the overall blend balance. With all of these components finally in place, the natural question is, does the Vault live up to expectations?

According to Toraño the Vault offers a, “multi-layered taste profile” with a “medium to full bodied blend that satisfies the whole palate.” I must say that this description is accurate and I was really pleased by the the whole smoking process and the delectable turns the cigar took throughout the adventure.

The first thing that I noticed was the smooth shade-grown wrapper that looked absolutely delicious, and only sported minimal veins. Inspecting the cigar revealed a firm body with a few soft spots and a foot that exuded a spice that tickled the nostrils and a barnyard complement. Lighting the cigar revealed a clean and effortless draw with an initial flavor rush of sweet dried fruit notes and hickory. These notes were in balance to near the midpoint where they began to transition into notes of nuttiness and floral tones. The midpoint was definitely more dry in character and had a finish towards the back of dry birch wood. Reaching the final act revealed a clean finish of dry floral notes with no excessive heat in the last half.

Vault is a fantastic medium + to full bodied cigar. It has elements of sweet, spice, and nuttiness that keep the palate entertained and engaged. Toraño has done a heck of a job this year in their releases with the Loyal and Vault. If you are looking for a complex medium + cigar in the affordable $6-10 range, then crack open the vault and see what treasures lie within!

Format: Toro (6 x 50)

Wrapper: Shade-Grown Nicaraguan Colorado

Binder: Ometepe, Nicaragua and Jamastran, Honduras

Filler: Esteli and Condega, Nicaragua

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