The Names We Did Not Know

The Names We Did Not Know

Editor’s Note: I had a reader write in on 9/11 and ask if we would post their poem in remembrance of 9/11. I received and read the poem today and knew immediately that it was something that should be shared and have decided to run it. 9/11 is in the collective conscience of us all and whether you have taken the time to, or not already, it is good to stop and reflect and remember the innocent and heroic lives lost and changed forever by the tragic events of 9/11. Time will continue to pass by and the sharpness of the memories may begin to fade, but we will never forget the innocence lost and the great sacrifices made that fateful day.


The Names We Did Not Know

 By: Anonymous

We watched you fall.

An hour and just more you wounded stood

that seaside dawn in mortal twin dignity,

when coward dared they flew and pierced and died

in random execution strike.

You shuddered, stood,

 and angry took another knock,

but held against unwilling conquer.

You skyward straightened

and terror bled fire-smoke lives from towering goodbye portals

that Monday black.

Your steel heart defied, withstood,

then melted as you shuddered your last New York breath.

And then you fell.

And we fell too.

You sudden dropped your head and ever buried our foolish isolation.

In bedrooms, halls, cars, parks, and coffee morning lines

our hoping hearts cut down in unbelieving partner of your death

and cried out your name

and names we did not know.

But stand we do, today.

Our memory your last life,

and last it will far longer than you could.

In photo, verse, song, story and eternal resolve

your epitaph breathes us life to stand for you,


with your shadowed soaring recall forever blended

into red dawn’s everlasting white gleaming,

                                                                               and blue.

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