Super Bowl XLVII Football Pool Super Bowl XLVII Football Pool Super Bowl XLVII Football Pool Invites Customers To Pick Their Complimentary Super Bowl Squares for Chances to Win Premium Cigars and Cigar Accessories! Super Bowl XLVII Football, the nation’s fastest-growing online cigar retailer, announced today that it is sponsoring its own promotional football pool in honor of this week’s upcoming Super Bowl XLVII. customers are able to pick their free squares for a chance to win up to $500 in giveaways such as cigar samplers, humidors, and other cigar accessories. Signups to enter into the pool are complimentary for any and all visitors over nineteen years of age to and entrance into the pool will end before the game on Sunday, February 3rd 2013. For each of the hundred squares that are filled, will offer a cigar sampler to winners of each of the first 3 quarter rounds of the game. One of the grand prizes includes a gift package of a CAO concert series humidor that is both a stylish and functional Amplifier for iPhones, computers, or any other audio device that requires a speaker among other high-quality cigar merchandise. is sponsoring this 2013 Super Bowl pool to help emphasize their ongoing marketing plan to more closely unite the already winning combination of sports fandom and the cigar lifestyle. The company invites visitors that are involved with the site to enter into the pool in order to experience on a more personal and enjoyable level and to make Super Bowl XLVII even more exciting this year with the chance to win free cigar prizes.

“Our goal is to strengthen the bond between professional sports and cigars as well as to give our customers a new and entertaining way to involve themselves on our website. We are giving away a ton of great cigar items and we hope to see many more submissions into our SuperBowl pool,” said James Moelk, Marketing Manager of

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