Some Things to Look Forward to in 2012!

Some Things to Look Forward to in 2012!

It’s time to start looking forward to the New Year! 2011 definitely brought a lot of excitement and new cigars to our attention and with 2012 being a large anniversary year for some big companies, like the Fuentes, we can only guess and imagine what the special releases for this year are going to be like.

Over the last few months we have seen a lot of the industry giants pass through the Phoenix metropolitan area and have been lucky enough to speak to quite a few of them. As we look forward to 2012 and the rumor mill starts to churn, we are excited to see what happens. The following bits however, are small morsels of information of specific pieces of news we have gathered over the last few months and can say for certain are getting us pretty excited for 20112.

J Fuego (Tabacos S.A.): Jesus was in town and excited about his future projects. One project he was really passionate about was constructing a maduro commuter cigar for the mobile cigar crowd. With our rights continuing to be encroached on, Jesus sees the need and market to continue to create his short format of cigars for the brother’s of the leaf who can’t legally smoke inside or in public outdoors areas. Official production and shelf arrivals were not officially announced, but expect to see something in the works and released this year in a shorter “commuter” format that is wrapped in maduro deliciousness.

Perdomo: Nick was in the AZ, which is somewhat of a rare treat, but what was even more exciting was his candidness about his upcoming commemorativo project. It’s a special project to Nick and one that marks an important anniversary date for Nick and the company. Nick wanted the project to be special on every level, so even though the cigars have been done and resting now for the better part of a year, the release won’t happen until 2012. You may be asking what the hold up is? According to Nick, a special band is being made for them in Europe, and it has taken the company a long time to produce the band to Nick’s satisfaction. One thing is for sure though, Perdomo makes a finely constructed cigar, so if this much TLC is going into the project, then the commemorativo will sure to be a tasty addition to the Perdomo collection.

Ashton: We broke the news here on this upcoming cigar by the folks at Ashton, but have now learned its concrete price point. Remember, that this cigar is aiming to be a mixture of an ESG and Opus X at an affordable market price for the consumer. As revealed to me earlier this week the new cigar is looking to have a market price of ten dollars. Take into account your market and adjust accordingly, that means for an AZ market the price point will be more akin to the upper eight to nine dollar range. We here at CB are stoked to try this new Ashton project and can’t wait for the 2012 soft release near father’s day.

Gran Habano: Lastly we had the opportunity to take the time to talk with the guys over at Gran Habano and discuss with them their upcoming 2012 year. While some things are still being fleshed out and off the record, one possible project that is interesting for the upcoming 2012 season is the release of the popular Corojo #5 line in a maduro format. To a few lucky stores this has already happened, as they were accidentally sent boxes of the maduro number five. Needless to say this accidental release was halted and the debate remains at Gran Habano as to whether a full scale release will happen or not in 2012. One thing is for sure though we got our hands on some and they are pretty tasty. Stay tuned over the next few days as we will be launching a contest where you can win your own four pack of number five maduros.

There is much to be excited about with 2012 around the corner. We promise to continue to be out there digging up information on all the new releases coming out this year as the news starts to be bandied about on the back channels. As I said earlier the rumor mills are starting to churn and it wont be long until the new sales and marketing meetings start to leak out the details of new products and line extensions. From all of us here at Cigar Brief we wish you a very Happy New Years and look forward to an exciting year in 2012!

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