Sindicato Steps From The Shadows

Sindicato Steps From The Shadows

Sindicato Steps From The Shadows

Amongst the great secret societies of history are the Illuminati, Free Masons, and the Skull and Bones, well now you can add one more to the list; Sindicato. Sindicato or the “Syndicate” in English is a league of shadows in the cigar industry. It is an organization of retailers that have banded together to create a new brand of cigar. Their Facebook page says that they are a “new cigar manufacturing company by the retailers, for the retailers.”

SindicatoWho are they? Well according to rumors there is a list of 45 or so equal partners who comprise this company. Some big names in the industry are attached to the project including: Jeff Borysiewicz of Corona Cigar Company, Abe Dababneh of Smoke Inn, and James Colucci former VP of Sales and Marketing at Altaldis.

The goal, as stated on their website splash page and facebook page is to supply “retailers in the premium cigar industry with an exclusive portfolio of national premium cigar brands that exceed industry standards.” Their mission is to create quality brands that will be competitive in the ever expanding marketplace. To do this they are enlisting an “A” talent blender to help design their cigar. According to the rumors swirling around the project Jose Seijas is a possible name attached to the project.

Beyond that, not a whole lot more is known other than that they are a well funded organization and have some serious money to spend on their new project.  A rumored time frame for the debut appearance of their first line in this new venture is the trade show (IPCPR) in July.

As stated above, much of their organization still remains in the shadows for now, but rest assured more information will be forthcoming as they continue to develop their brand.



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