Sindicato Cigars Goes on the Record

Sindicato Cigars Goes on the Record

Sindicato Cigars Goes on the Record

Last week we broke a story about the somewhat unknown cigar group known as Sindicato. At the time only bits and pieces had come out about this group of individuals and what their purpose was. Since then Abe Dababneh, Proprietor of Smoke Inn, has gone on the record with us to clarify and correct some of the aspects of our Sindicato Cigars piece.

Sindicato Cigars Goes on the RecordThe first bit of info that Abe confirmed was that they are indeed a ” group of 45 retailers” who according to Abe “have recognized that our customers trust our decisions in recommending cigars, so we thought we owe it to the people to create brands we know they will like.”

Another piece of the story was the attachment of Jim Colucci’s name to the project. And while Abe doesn’t deny his name being in the running, he does state that “Although we are flattered that Jim Colucci’s name is in this blog post, we are a newly formed company and currently the board of members are in the process of final interviews with a number of candidates.” So it appears a final decision on who will be running point has not yet been officially made.

Coinciding with the leadership piece is the blender piece and as of right now Abe also left that door open. In a similar statement to that above Abe commented that “We’re also flattered that Jose’s name is mentioned as well, but these decisions have not been made yet.”

One piece of the story that does closely align with Sindicato’s statement is their desire to launch a line by IPCPR. According to Abe, “We’re very newly formed and it is our goal to release a cigar at this year’s IPCPR. That being said, we’re not going to rush a cigar to market. Our customers trust our recommendations and we want to make sure we’re giving them the best products possible.”

So there you have it folks, Sindicato does exist and has a purpose to create cigars for the consumer made by the retailer who knows them so well. Its an interesting project to be sure and I for one look forward to seeing what comes out of the pipeline from them, when they release a cigar. One last piece worth mentioning is that their Facebook link has been updated, so if you would like to follow them on FB, please check them out here.

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