Savinelli USA Closes its Doors

Savinelli USA Closes its Doors

Savinelli USA Closes its Doors

Yesterday morning retailers and brokers received notification from Ms. Sonia Rivolta,  CEO of Savinelli, that Savinelli USA would be shutting their doors and the distribution of their pipe lines would be transferred to the Laudisi Distribution Group. For the full details of the distribution transfer and Savinelli USA’s closing read on:

Dear Retailer,

For 42 years Savinelli has had its own operation in the US, a subsidiary of the Italian company. Over the past decades, Savinelli has increasingly moved to having importers in various countries rather than maintaining our own presence in each country. The US market is special, however. It has been a particularly important market for Savinelli and we have continued to maintain a direct presence in the United States for many decades.

But all good things, at some point, must come to an end.  Maintaining a US subsidiary simply no longer makes sense for Savinelli. We want to focus on what we do best, making great pipes. I am a firm believer in focusing on one’s core competency. For Savinelli, this is manufacturing the finest pipes in the world.  Today, no other premium pipe brand in the world is made entirely in one factory. From the sourcing of briar to the finished product, every aspect of every Savinelli pipe happens in Barasso, Italy. As you may have noticed, we’ve made a number of improvements to the pipes over the past few years. Savinelli pipes were already great, but we’ve constantly worked to make them even better. To that end, we want to focus on what we do best.

With that end in mind, we have decided to close Savinelli USA and entrust distribution of Savinelli pipes and other products distributed by Savinelli USA to Laudisi Distribution Group (LDG). LDG is a subsidiary of Laudisi Enterprises, run by Sykes Wilford. We have worked closely with Mr. Wilford to ensure that an excellent team of industry veterans is in place to meet your needs, led by Susan Salinas, who comes to the job with many years of experience in the pipe business.

As many of you know, Laudisi Enterprises also, which has been a customer of Savinelli USA for many years. Laudisi Distribution will be run as an independent subsidiary of the parent company and will be run separately from the retail will continue to simply be a customer of the distribution company, operating in the same manner as all other LDG customers.

We are confident that this decision will ensure that you receive the best vendor support possible in the United States.  Our most important goal is that you are successful with Savinelli pipes and that we provide great pipes to smokers in the United States. Laudisi Distribution Group will work to give you the sort of fanatical support you deserve, while Savinelli will work to make Savinelli pipes the best in the world.

Savinelli USA will continue to accept orders through Friday, October 12th, but all orders placed after October 8th, will be shipped from LDG in Little River, SC on Monday, October 22nd. On Wednesday, October 10th, you will receive an email with additional information from Laudisi Distribution Group. In the mean time, you can visit LDG’s website and email them at [email protected].

I’d like to take an additional moment to thank our Savinelli USA staff, Debra, Jonathan, Allison, and Jack, for their commitment and professionalism and their dedicated loyalty to the Savinelli brand.

I look forward to all of us working together to push Savinelli forwards. I very much appreciate your continued dedication to Savinelli pipes and we will all endeavor to continue to deserve that dedication. I look forward to seeing all of you again at IPCPR in Las Vegas next year.

Yours very truly,


Ms. Sonia Rivolta, CEO, Savinelli

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