Rumor Mill: Fuente’s Future Projects

Rumor Mill: Fuente’s Future Projects

Well the year is off to a fresh start and with it comes the race to find out what’s coming down the pike from our favorite companies. We here at Cigar Brief approach this task in a variety of ways and one such method is a stroll through the trademark websites. Searching for information on these sites is sometimes illuminating into what future projects are on the horizon for a cigar company. While this method is no guarantee, it certainly can sometimes yield rich fruit.

One of the companies we have been watching this year is Fuente. 2012 is a big year for Fuente as it marks their 100th year anniversary and there already has been a lot of buzz and hype over what we can expect from this storied company. Well today as I was surfing through some of the trademark sites I stumbled across some trademarked names for Fuente that came out only a few days ago. The List of those names are as follows:

  • Jaque Mate (Checkmate)
  • FFOX Five Star
  • Fuente Fuente Opus X Five Star
  • Man Eater
  • Stars N’ Stripes
  • Big B

So let the guessing begin! What these names represent is anybody’s guess at this point and could be referring to line extension, new lines or in some cases maybe nothing at all. We have included Angel Share in our graphic, because it is an example of a trademarked name that has become a real project that has yet to hit the market in full production, but is coming hopefully soon.

The most likely for sure thing to us at the moment is the FFOX Five Star.What it is we are not sure, but we will definitely be following up on it and seeing if we can glean more facts about one of our favorite Fuente lines. Of the other names, some of them sound more like extensions to the popular Fuente lines than they sound like new cigars, but once again at this point it is just our speculation at best. So while we can’t say take this as gospel, we do hope that just like us, you find some interest and fun in wondering what Fuente is going to do next. I know for myself and the rest of the team here at Cigar Brief we are super excited to see where Fuente will go in this memorable year for their company!

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