Rumor Mill: Drew Estate and Willy Herrera are Teaming Up!

Rumor Mill: Drew Estate and Willy Herrera are Teaming Up!

Word on the street is that Drew Estate will be teaming up with Willy Herrera of  El Titan de Bronze to blend some new lines for the Drew Estate portfolio. Multiple sources from those close to both camps have confirmed that there are currently discussions to bring Willie Herrera, of Titan de Bronze fame, as a new blender and public face for the company.

While details are still coming out we hold this rumor to be highly likely for the following reasons. First it’s a well known fact that the FDA is trying to regulate flavored tobacco products and gain more control of their production. This could have serious ramifications for a company like Drew Estate that deals largely in flavored or infused cigars, thus making it advantageous for them to expand into non-flavored tobacco lines.  Another aspect that makes the rumor likely is that the tobacco reserves Willy has access to are somewhat limited, and having access to a more direct source, for instance a pipeline to the main fields in Nicaragua would certainly be advantageous to Willie and his line. Eventual distribution could even be a factor for Willy. Having a boutique line is nice, but having national distribution built in couldn’t hurt Willy’s bottom line either.

At the end of the day we have a large company that deals in flavor tobacco wanting to expand their successful lines of non-flavored tobacco offerings. We also have a boutique blender doing excellent work who would like to garner some more recognition and opportunities for his company. So while we can’t say unequivocally that this is happening it looks likely that Willy Herrera will be blending and collaborating with Drew Estate in the near future!


*Editors note: at the time of print we got another confirmation that this piece of news should be going public next week through the official cigar news channels, so stay tuned to see if we were on the money or just blowing smoke!



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