Rocky Patel on What it takes to Make Your Own Cigar Line

Rocky Patel on What it takes to Make Your Own Cigar Line

Rocky Patel was recently featured on CNBC’s “How I Made My Millions” for a quick 12 minute mini documentary on his start in the cigar business is a very interesting piece that touches on his Indian Tabac start, the difficulty he had being accepted into the tobacco community, and the tireless work he put in to get where he is today.

The most interesting aspect of the Rocky Patel story was that he actually describes how challenging it can be to break into the tight-knit tobacco group. You see it’s very easy for anyone to have a “cigar made.” You just have to pick out one of a 1,000 companies, write them a check and they will send you back some cigars (after a little bit of back and fourth blending). Usually this is going to be lower grade tobacco that the company can profit from, tobacco that they obtain from a third party themselves (Why give someone else the good stuff?), cigars that aren’t given the highest skilled rollers, tested or treated the same in the aging process (this list can go on forever).

It’s only after a true relationship is built, after paying your dues so to speak with hard work, that a manufacturer will acknowledge you as a true partner and the brand owner is permitted to the “real” tobaccos (and everything else mentioned early in my posting). Even after this point in the relationship you will notice that many brand owners will spend a lot of time at the factory and this is because they are essentially baby-sitting the workers, farm managers, buyers, rollers and a long list of people who could destroy the product. After all you have to realize that just because the manufacturer/farm/owner gave them the okay doesn’t mean other people within the company, be it with outside parties or other brands being made in the same factory, havn’t made some type of back-room dealings.

Now that I have provided you with just a little, and yes that is just a small tip of the iceburg, bit of information on the process you should go check out the mini documentary. If you would like to learn more about this process, then check out the rest of the documentary below:

Find it here.

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