Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro

Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro

Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro

Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro stogieboys.comImagine my delight when opening the samples sent to me for review and discovering Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame cigars. I’m just a year older than Thurman Thomas so I remember his career really well. If you are a football fan, you know the impressive numbers he put up in the ’90s both running and receiving the pigskin for the Buffalo Bills, leading them to 4 straight Super Bowls. If the cigars bearing his name as impressive as his career stats, I’m in for a treat!

Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro stogieboys.comDominican Republic puro

$4.00 each

$74.95/bundle of 20 exclusive

I chose a Maduro Toro from the bag, gently remove the cellophane and began the evaluation. The cigar is a Dominican puro (100% Dominican wrapper, binder and filler) which brings to mind such iconic front marks as OPUS X and LG by La Flor Dominicana. General Cigar Company is doing the rolling. First off, I notice the cap which appeared hastily applied with an overabundance of gum. I check the other three examples which were all capped in the same way. The wrapper has a rich, reddish, chocolaty-brown hue which is uneven and mottled, not to mention veiny.

The wrapper gave off very light notes of earth and old leather while the foot revealed little else. The cold draw tasted a bit musty and had the right degree of resistance but upon lighting the draw tightened up becoming firmer than I prefer.

Pleasant flavors of white pepper, tea and hay were present at first light and remained through the first third of the smoke, the ash was dark grey, dropping off on it’s own at half inch intervals. The body and strength are mild and light and the burn lines are straight and fairly crisp.

Thurman Thomas “Hall of Fame” Maduro Toro stogieboys.comIn the middle the smoke got thicker and more satisfying and the flavors became richer with the pepper dissipating and a cocoa element entering the fray, while the smoke stayed cool and mild.

As you would expect during the final third, the heat picked up a bit and while the smoke didn’t get significantly stronger, it did get a develop an acidic bite. Not huge but worth noting.

In conclusion, the Thurman Thomas Hall of Fame Toro Maduro was a pleasant cigar that smoked for over an hour, was mild and smooth as well as consistent, and at only $4.00 a stick represents a solid value. While it won’t make my cigar Hall of Fame, you could certainly do a lot worse for the money.

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