Review: The LFD Litto Gomez Small Batch IV

Review: The LFD Litto Gomez Small Batch IV

La Flor has been a hot brand this year and one of our personal favorites around the office. One simply can’t deny, at least in our humble opinions, that LFD tends to find the perfect balance between strength, flavor and complexity. Everything we have smoked this year from them has been interesting, flavorful, and full. It really is no wonder then that the Litto Gomez Small Batch IV carries on that tradition as well!

If you want the full stats on this line you can check out our press release on the Small  Batch here, otherwise here are the basics you need to know to orientate yourself with this cigar. First of all, it is a Dominican Puro utilizing the best cropping’s from LFD’s La Canela farm. It has a Pelo de Oro wrapper, which helps give it its strength and sweetness. Pelo de Oro has traditionally been a somewhat more rare tobacco in that it is usually alleged to be susceptible to contracting disease and infecting whole crops and fields.  At least that’s the case in the Cuban varietal. This batch however made it out clean and has created a wonderful cigar.

The wrapper is a toothy golden hued brown wrapper with a slight oily sheen. Inspecting the vitola reveals a tightly packed cigar with only a few soft spots and the foot reveals a sweet and floral aroma. On the initial light there is a quick burst of spice, which fades quickly into a sweet floral note. As the first act continues to unfold I notice that the sweet floral note interchanges itself once in a while with a birch note and a faint hint of dry horseradish on the retrohale.

As the middle point of the cigar approaches, a coffee note begins to arise and pairs with a more muted floral note. This however is short lived, for as the middle point moves on the notes take a sharp turn towards being very sweet, almost as if they were a touch of nutmeg or a hint of raisin. This sweeter symphony of taste becomes the predominant movement until the late last third where the finish becomes one of floral and birch.

La Flor has created a wonderful beast of a cigar in their Small Batch IV.  While it is longer than most cigars I typically like to smoke, it is a well rounded cigar that I never get tired of. For the guy who does not like a strong cigar, this one is not for you since it does have quite a lot of strength. However, if you can muster the tolerance or are a person who loves a flavorful, complex, full-bodied smoke, then I highly recommend the LG Small Batch IV. It’s a wonderful example of what balanced power should look like in that it finds an excellent balance between full strength and maximum flavor. So do yourself a favor this Holiday Season and go find a Litto Gomez Small Batch IV, and believe me when I say “your taste buds will thank you!”

Size: 52 X 7 inches

Wrapper: Dominican Pelo de Oro

Binder and Filler: 100% Dominican

Body: Full

Price: $15.99 and Up


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