Review: Tatuaje’s the Wolfman!

Review: Tatuaje’s the Wolfman!

The leaves are falling, the days are growing shorter, and Halloween is drawing near. Ghoul season is upon us and it has even left its mark on the premium cigar industry. The leader in all things macabre, Pete Johnson has just released his fourth creation in the Monster Series: The Wolfman. Few Limited run cigars are as eagerly anticipated as the Monster Series, and this year’s cropping has lived up to its predecessors by already quickly flying off the shelves in fiendishly fast fashion. So does the Wolfman really deserve all of its hype, or is it just more bark than bite?

For those of you who have not seen the Wolfman and its subsequent packaging it comes in two formats: the dress box and non-dress box. The dress box version comes in boxes of 13 and the cigars themselves come wrapped in tin foil. Looking at the dress box one immediately is transported to a ghoulish graveyard by the coffin exterior of the box. Also, scrawled across the lid in white jagged writing is the word Wolfman. Under the words are streaks of red to simulate the bloody claw marks of the ravenous lycanthrope. The non-dress box version comes in a simple wooden box with ten cigars in the traditional cello wrap.

The cigar itself is a shaggy spectacle from its shaggy foot to its mottled Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, the Wolfman is a ragged looking cigar that measures a monstrous 71/2 x 52 box pressed torpedo with a simple stained band. Inspecting the foot reveals a strong barnyard note, and clipping the cap unveils a smooth draw that is reminiscent of the Avion.

 Smoking the the Tatuaje Wolfman reveals an initial spice burst followed by a series of deep wood notes and sweet notes. The notes take turns in playing across the palate, but it’s really the wood notes that are most dominant. Everyone has a preference in what they like on their palate and I am certainly no different. My favorite type of cigar is a cigar with big flavor, complexity, and strong wood notes. The Wolfman delivers those notes in spades and does so with excellent construction.

Does the Wolfman deserve all of its hype, in my opinion, yes! For my palate this is perhaps one of the finer examples this year of a well-balanced cigar that has character, complexity, and flavor. Add to that its scarcity value and you have one heck of a stick that you need to go hunting for ASAP! The Wolfman is already disappearing from the market not unlike its furry counterpart disappearing into the misty moors of myth, so if you dare face the beast, then harness your inner Van Helsing and start the hunt today!

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  1. Jason October 28, 2011 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Good concise review. I just bought the last two in Alexandria, Virginia, so they are moving quickly! I’ll smoke them with a buddy to celebrate the completion of the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend!

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