Review: Swag Lavish Robusto

Review: Swag Lavish Robusto
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I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. When I first heard about this cigar, I didn’t rush out to grab one. The name turned me off. That may sound petty, it may even be petty, but I don’t like gimmicky, pop-culture, Generation-X sounding cigar names. Then, when I saw the packaging I was even less tempted. The parchment wrap is cool but the font and the name reminded me of cheap, drugstore aftershave.

I finally broke down and smoked one (only because I was given a sample) and immediately regretted not trying one sooner. I quickly called my Oliveros rep and brought them into my store. As it turns out, I am not the only one put off by the name and the packaging. I recommended this cigar to many of my customers to whom I knew it would be a good fit and most of them screwed their face up, said ”Swag?” and graciously declined. With persistence I was able to convince several of them over time to try them and consequently, Swag now moves well for me.

Swag is a Dominican puro, more than that, all the tobacco comes from the same farm, allegedly all ligero! That makes it fairly unique. One might think a cigar sourced completely from a single farm, rolled entirely with ligero would be one-dimensional but that is certainly not the case here. Swag is also surprisingly affordable. If you like a full-bodied, spicy, complex cigar (or even if you don’t) read on.

The Swag Lavish robusto has an attractive, deep reddish brown wrapper with an oily sheen and a sweet, spicy, floral aroma. The shape is nearly perfect, smooth with consistent color and firmness throughout and a nice heft. A nose of the foot revealed leather, sweet spice and barnyard with a wisp of cedar. The generous triple cap remained intact after the cut and the draw gave just the right amount of resistance.

Toasting the foot brought forth scents of tobacco blossoms, cedar and clove, all of which were also present in the first puff, but the dominant note was pepper. While many other spices weaved their way throughout the smoke, the pepper was ever-present but not annoyingly so. The cigar was constantly changing, starting a little sweet and gradually becoming less so, earthiness at the start giving way to leather but always, the pepper.

The cigar was by no means perfect. Aside from an occasional reluctance to stay lit, there was a propensity to burn unevenly but not full-on runaway canoeing. Nothing a little touch up couldn’t fix.
At about $6.40, I think of the Swag as a real sleeper of a smoke. You’ll pass by it in the humidor a hundred times but when you finally try one, you’re going to regret not having done it sooner.

Size: 5 x 54

Wrapper: Ligero Habano Dominicano

Binder: Ligero Habano Dominicano

Filler: Ligero Habano Dominicano

MSRP: $6.40 in the AZ market


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