Review: Sosa Super Selection

Review: Sosa Super Selection
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The Sosa Super Selection has been around since its debut in 1999 and yet, it has managed to fly under the radar. The Sosa line caught some heat during the boom in the mid to late ‘90’s and then slowly cooled off. Honestly, I had almost forgotten about them until my editor handed me a baggy of their sticks and told me to write a review. The Sosa name rekindled some fond memories for me. At a time when Fuente cigars were as rare as hen’s teeth, Sosa cigars (which were manufactured at Tabacalera A. Fuente) were readily available, well made and tasty. Well, the boom ended, Fuentes once again filled the shelves and the replacement players got pushed aside to clear some shelf space. Many cigar makers didn’t survive this, but Sosa kept going on making solid smokes.

When I reached into the baggy which contained a half-dozen intriguing offerings, one cigar was really calling to me. I came to find out the object of my lust was called the Sosa Super Selection. Dressed in an elaborate, intricate, expensive looking band, with a large, loud, red band at the foot, was a dark, rich, oily wrapper leaf that had me at hello. The appearance went a little south from there. The Churchill was oddly shaped.  It was odd to the point where I couldn’t tell if it was box-pressed or damaged in shipping.

Undaunted by this oddity, I soldiered on, applying the guillotine in preparation to smoke. The cap was surprisingly nice and held together well. The oily, velvety feel of the San Andres (Mexico) wrapper was second only to the rich, leathery aroma with notes of dark chocolate that emanated from it. The foot yielded more leather dark chocolate and hints of raisin.

The draw was dead on, like a cheerleader on prom night, there was just token resistance which ultimately enhanced the over-all experience; the burn was even, the ash a light grey. So far, so good! The dense smoke filled my mouth with flavors of leather, damp earth, and black tobacco with a slight tartness of dried fruit. These flavors remained remarkably consistent throughout the smoke. The leather came to the front toward the end and the fruit note went away, but beyond that, not much changed, and I was o.k. with that. The body started medium full and stayed that way.  The flavor profile was enjoyable from the start, always smooth, never biting, so I was glad it didn’t change much.

If you like a cigar that builds, this might not be for you. As for me, I would definitely smoke this cigar again. If they keep this up, perhaps we’ll be seeing Sosa in a few more humidors again in the near future.

Size: 7×50

Wrapper: Mexican (San Andres) Maduro

Binder: ? Aged a minimum of 5 years

Filler: ? Aged a minimum of 5 years

Price: $6.00-$9.00

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