Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Pre-release

Review: Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown Pre-release
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Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown

Perdomo is the “King of Consistency.” For them their pride stems from creating great value sticks that are consistent year after year and can be enjoyed by all. They are vertically integrated and proud that they don’t go outside their company for other tobaccos. Only a little bit of Cameroon wrapper leaf is bought elsewhere for their use, everything else is done in house. Calling them the King of Consistency might seem like a knock, but its really not. This method of sticking true to what they do has paid off in big ways. They have been edging their way up the Cigar Insider’s Retailer List of Top Selling Brands, even surpassing Macanudo and coming in at number seven overall. Plain and simple, creating blends year after year that are consistent and accessible by all cigar smokers has paid off.

I, like many I’m sure, have personally always wondered what would happen if they took a risk and did something different. Well, this year they have finally gone and done it by creating the Perdomo 20th Anniversary. The 20th Anniversary cigar comes in two different wrapper styles: maduro and sun grown. The full details of this Nicaraguan puro can be found here, so we don’t have to rehash all of it in this article. Suffice to say though this cigar dares to be different.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Perdomo 20th is its soft box press that makes the 56 gauge seem more manageable to those who prefer a slimmer gauge. This is a good thing for me, because I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the bigger gauges, but for some reason this cigar just looks and feels great all the way around. The sun grown wrapper is smooth and vein free with a slightly toothy texture. Taking in the aroma of the wrapper reveals a distinct floral note mixed with a sweet cedar element. The foot, on the other hand, has a sweet hay note. Clipping the cap with my xikar guillotine cutter reveals a draw that is about as effortless as they come. The air channels were generous with no resistance. That part could be great to some and a slight annoyance to those who prefer a little tighter draw. Either way you cut it, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary is an exemplar of great cigar construction.

On to the real question, “how does the cigar smoke?” In short really different, but in a good way. Perdomo cigars are traditionally flavorful and mild. However, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary is different right of the bat with its initial spice burst. Within the first few puffs you realize the cigar is a different beast than past Perdomos. The 20th anniversary has a great spice and floral interplay that really works. The creaminess hallmark of Perdomo is there as well, but the strength and spice really set it apart from the rest of the family. As the first quarter progresses the spice and floral notes continue, as well as a rich tobacco flavor which starts to make itself known as well. Both Paul and I have smoked the cigar and differ on the type of tobacco notes we experience. For me it is reminiscent of a non-aromatic pipe tobacco, whereas for Paul, he simply describes it as a distinct “aged tobacco taste.”

The midpoint brings a dried fruit note with it and a continuation of the floral. At this point the spice note has started to fade a bit, but the other notes more than make up for it in flavor. The midpoint came and went pretty quickly and the final third rolled around ushering back in a spicy note to mix with the floral notes. Perdomo has definitely crafted an excellent cigar that finishes well and maintains a great medley of rich flavor throughout.

The Perdomo 20th Anniversary sun grown cigar dares to be different. The creamy and consistency factors that make Perdomo great are definitely present, but the flavor of the cigar was definitely un-perdomo like and in this case that is a good thing. Its a new chapter for Perdomo and one that shows that Perdomo can definitely make a full flavored stronger cigar. For eight dollars in most areas this cigar is definitely another value cigar. Many times throughout my smoking experiences with the 20th I would think about the quality of the cigar and could easily say it smokes like a ten to twelve dollar smoke. So if you like Perdomo and want to see what they can do when they dare to be different, then keep a sharp eye to the September horizon when the 20th Anniversary makes it to a retailer near you.


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