Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010 Churchill

Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010 Churchill
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Padilla La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010 Churchill

The Padilla La Terraza Maduro Churchill (probably should have been called Oscuro) is a sexy piece of eye-candy! The nearly black wrapper is smooth and oily in contrast to the gilded, embossed, white double band giving both an impression of quality and understated elegance not normally found in any company’s entry-level smoke.

The Padilla was quite uniform in shape and the wrapper exhibited only the smallest of veins and cutting the cap revealed a generous fill of tobacco. In fact, too generous. The cold draw was tighter than most smokers would tolerate. Armed with three samples, I cut the other two, finding this to be a persistent issue. Choosing the least tightly rolled of the three, I continued with my process.

Padilla Capa MaduroNosing the foot brought a curious mix of medium-roast coffee and dark strong tea. The wrapper had very little aroma, which was surprising given it’s appearance, but I was able to pull a tart dried fruit note out of it.

Upon first lighting, the Padilla had raisin and white pepper notes, both even more evident on the retrohale, and little else. The body is at the lighter end of medium as is the strength but a harshness gives it the impression of being stronger. Through the first third the flavor remained nearly unchanged other than some saltiness creeping in. The ash dropped off at regular half inch intervals, creating quite a mess, the burn remained relatively even and the smoke production was good. The draw opened somewhat but still was too firm for my liking.

The middle third was more of a solid medium strength and fortunately, less harsh. The flavors hadn’t changed markedly but increased in intensity, especially the raisin. The ash continued to drop off at the most inconvenient moments, creating quite a mess.

The final third ramped up to medium-plus and saw an increase in pepper. The cigar was also getting a tad warm and difficult to keep lit. Clearly it was time to put it down.

Admittedly, I’m kind of spoiled. I’ve had access to just about anything I want to smoke for a long time now. Much of what I smoke is also samples. Some are enjoyable, others not so much. Normally, if I light a cigar and the experience isn’t going well, I throw it away and smoke something else.

When it comes to reviews, I don’t have that luxury. Good bad or ugly, I’ll finish the smoke. While I have enjoyed many Padilla cigars in the past and generally hold the brand in high regard, based on the three samples of the La Terraza Capa Maduro Serie 2010, I cannot recommend it. Perhaps if the construction had been better, this would be an entirely different review.

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  1. Clayborn Foster III November 23, 2012 at 3:26 pm - Reply

    I have yet to try a Padilla blend

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