Review: Oliva Cain Daytona

Review: Oliva Cain Daytona

Oliva has always been a company I enjoy watching. They are continually reinventing themselves and their cigars in an effort to be different and cutting edge. With the loss of one of their chief muses, Sam Leccia, there was speculation as to whether Oliva would falter in its innovation. Sam Leccia was for Oliva, what Johnny Ives is for Apple. That being said, fears can be put aside, because Oliva hasn’t loss a step in their cigar development. Without further adieu let me introduce you to the next evolution of flavor, the Cain Daytona!

The Studio Tabac Cain series is better known for producing full bodied cigars that can pack a punch, the Daytona however, is quite the opposite and is medium and creamy. The first thing one notices is the smooth habano wrapper that hugs the binder of the cigar. There are minimal veins and very little natural oils coating the wrapper. The pack is tight and the initial cold draw after the cap is trimmed, reveals a stiff draw and sweet floral note. I would say, that of the two that I have tried, both had a tighter draw then I would have preferred. It wasn’t impossible to get air, it was just a bit of work to get the air moving throughout the cigar.

As I lit the cigar, notes of spice are immediately detected. The first third is a blend of spice, sweet floral, and a movement towards cedar. Time passes and soon I’m into the middle of the cigar with strong sweet notes mixed with strong cedar notes. The spicy component has faded, but has been replaced by an almost dry note. The finish is mostly sweet floral with some cedar and finishes well.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Cain Daytona! It was a well constructed stick, other than the tight draw I ran across, that ranged in flavors and created an enjoyable smoking experience. If you are a fan of medium bodied cigars that have lots of flavor and complexity, then give the Cain Daytona a try today!

Rating: 8.50
Strength: Medium
Price: $6.xx
Size: Robusto
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero

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