Review: My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary Box-Pressed Robusto

Review: My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary Box-Pressed Robusto
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In a year crowded with Limited Editions it is almost hard to keep up with them. On the one hand there is the excitement of trying something new, but on the other hand the difficulty lies in staying abreast of all of them. Even the online world is getting in on the limited edition action and giants such as Smoke Inn and now Atlantic Cigar Co. are having special blends made to be sold to their audiences. In the case of Atlantic they have just released their newest LE the My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary box-pressed robusto.

Atlantic, in honor of their fifteenth anniversary, has commissioned four makers to make special blends for their special year, and one is scheduled to be released each quarter. The first was Viaje and now the My Father box-pressed robusto has hit the scene. As Atlantic put it on their website, “While visiting the Garcia family & the famed My Father Cigar Factory in Nicaragua we came up with the idea, after smoking a few My Fathers, to try a box-pressed version of the blend. We decided to base the blend on the original My Father cigar, with some tweaks to the filler tobaccos.” And thus a great LE by My Father was born!

As Atlantic stated there were a few tweaks to the filler combination and you add that with a box press and you get one pretty different cigar than the original. The My Father cigar is a cigar of nuance. But I digress, before I launch into the flavor let’s start with the construction. The My Father Atlantic LE is wrapped in an Ecuadorian cuban seed wrapper that is smooth, but glistens with some oil. Exploring the My Father reveals a firm pack and clipping the top with my Palio cutter reveals a firm but smooth draw. The foot of the cigar gives off a pleasant barnyard aroma with a hint of leather.

Upon first draw, the tone of the cigar is established rather quickly. It is, as stated above, a cigar of subtle nuance. Non of the flavors of this cigar are particularly strong, but they are present, almost muted. One could cast aspersions on the cigar for its muted notes, but what it lacks in muted aspects it surely makes up in supple smoothness. It is every bit an elegant and smooth cigar with great construction, draw, and ample smoke production. The notes of the first quarter are the most prominently displayed with their  hallmark My Father spice note. Thankfully, unlike some of their cigars, the spice is never overwhelming and it is tempered by what I would say is a hint of banana. The transition of both elements happens rather fast though, and before one knows it they are in the more familiar realm of rose petals and cedar. These two notes lead the way into the midpoint where the aroma of cedar expands into a richer hickory note that is complemented by the return of the pepper note. As the midpoint transitions into the final third, the cigar takes a turn towards the sweeter side and a dark chocolate and cinnamon profile builds until the last little bit where it finishes in cedar and leather.

The My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary Limited Edition is a wonderful cigar that has a lovely complexity and great smoothness to the overall smoking experience. While all the flavors were detected above, they were muted, and they beg the question of  what will come with these cigars with some age. I for one am excited and look forward to try them in a couple of months and see if those muted flavors become more realized and full. Either way you cut it though, this cigar is a wonderful take on the My Father line and is well worth the money spent. So if you are a fan of smoothness, complexity, and a medium + box-pressed robusto, then give the My Father Atlantic 15th Anniversary cigar a try before they are all gone. For those looking for more information on this limited line and many other great cigar lines, please follow our link above to find them on Atlantic’s website today.

Size: Box-Pressed Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cuban Seed Wrapper
Binder: Nicaraguan binder
Filler: Nicaraguan filler
Price: $8.00 a stick, $111.95 a box


  1. acigarsmokerpeter February 20, 2012 at 11:32 am - Reply

    Sounds like an interesting smoke, mostly because of the hint of banana. I’ll have to check one out.

    Peter G

    • CigarBrief February 20, 2012 at 2:57 pm - Reply

      @acigarsmokerpeter Yeah, it was definitely interesting. The banana flavor is hard to describe, but myself and the other guys agreed that there was subtle taste there fairly reminiscent of bananna.

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