Review: J Fuego Origen Maduro

Review: J Fuego Origen Maduro
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This year promises to be a good year for Jesus Fuego. Just like his last name, Jesus seems to be on fire with both inspiration and ambition. This year promises to see the announcement and subsequent release of at least three new projects, one of which is the Origen Maduro. Although the Maduro has not been officially released to the masses yet, it has been soft-released to the New Hampshire based Two Guys Smoke Shop and was also promoted and soft-released, in limited amounts, to Fox Cigar Bar, in Gilbert, Arizona. I was fortunate enough to be at the Fox event and was able to procure a few samples of the new Origen Maduro there.

The new Maduro from a visual standpoint just looks plain sexy. The slightly oily dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper glistens in the light and the new band design immediately catches the eye. This is by far my favorite Fuego band to date! Just like his past bands which tend to have a minimalist design approach, the new Origen band is also straightforward and clean. The eye catching part though is the deep red background on which the band is set and the golden accents throughout to give it that extra pop. But I digress, now returning to the stick proper I find that it is tightly packed and when the cap is clipped it reveals an excellent firm draw. Continuing my inspection also reveals a foot and wrapper that smells of barnyard and earth.

With my initial inspection complete, I toast the foot and begin to smoke the new Maduro in earnest. As the first few puffs unfold I immediately get a mild burst of spice which quickly fades and settles into a note of rich dark chocolate and coffee notes. From there the Origen Maduro stays consistent throughout. The notes never really stray from the jockeying chocolate and coffee notes, but to me that is a good thing. Jesus and his father have created a consistent and rich smoke from foot to cap.

If the Maduro is a representation of what is to come from Fuego this year, than its going to be a great year for Jesus indeed! The Origen Maduro delivered on every level for me and was a rich consistent smoke with a medium to medium + body. So if you’re a fan of decadent rich maduros, then don’t delay seek out Jesus Fuego’s new Origen Maduro as soon as it hits a market near you!

Wrapper: Brazillian

Binder: Costa Rican

Filler: Combination of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Mexican.

Price: $6-7.xx in AZ

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  1. Marco July 27, 2012 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    Your ranking of four and a half stars is not correctly mirrored in the capsule at the top of the page which shows three and a half stars.. I am very fond of the previous origen and look forward to trying this one.

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