Review: God of Fire, Carlito Double Corona

Review: God of Fire, Carlito Double Corona
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I figured since I was the “new guy” that I would get handed some dog rockets to review and that Anthony and Jay would keep all the really good stuff for themselves. Well, when he handed me a baggy with two God of Fire Carlito DC’s, I new that I had unfairly judged these two fine gentlemen.

These bad boys will set you back $27.00 a crack at retail, not including State and local taxes. I’m O.K. with spending that on an occasional celebratory stick. I’m worth it, but when I do, I expect a real good time. It’s not unlike buying that shot of 30 year old Scotch or that pair of silk boxer briefs. You know you’re going to enjoy it, but to what degree?

Undaunted, I slid the G.O.F.C.D.C. from the cellophane and began my journey. The cigar had an interesting heft to it, and to me it seemed slightly underweight. The Cameroon wrapper lacked any sheen and had several small sun spots, no tooth, and was a little mottled with a gummy resin on it in several places. Inspecting the cigar revealed a gentle nose of honey and cedar. The cap looked hastily applied. It was really kind of sloppy and apart from it being consistantly firm throughout it’s length and being symmetrically perfect, it didn’t seem very “Fuente.”

The head held together well after the cut and the the pre-light draw was perfection with just the right resistance and light flavors of hay and cinnamon. As I lit the cigar, it’s pedigree began to show. The draw was perfect and the smoke was cool, extremely cool from the first puff. None of the harshness that even very good smokes can start off with. The flavor of sweet cedar mingled with honey filled my mouth, the smoke staying cool but giving me a wee bit of peppery dryness in the back of my throat. At this stage, I would say it weighed in at the stronger end of mild.

Entering the second third, add a light leather element, perhaps chamois, to the flavors from the first third along with sublte clove, nutmeg and orange peel, kick the strength up to full, and the smoke felt a bit more subtansial and satisfying while remaining remarkably cool.

In the final third, the flavors became richer as the strength increased slightly. The orange peel asserted itself and was joined by a metallic note. When I removed the band to complete the experience, a large chunk of wrapper came with it. This didn’t cause a leak (a nod to the construction) and I was able to bring my smoke to an enjoyable conclusion.

This was a good cigar. Just good. The mechanics of the construction were near perfect while the appearance was bush league. The flavors and aromas were pleasant, there just wasn’t enough depth. After smoking the G.O.F.C.D.C. for about an hour and ten minutes (quick for a stick this size, at least for me), I started hunting for another cigar to smoke.

Some times you have to take price into account. At the extreme ends of the spectrum. A mediocre six dollar cigar might be great at three bucks. In this case a mediocre twenty seven dollar cigar might have been great for thirteen fiddy.

Size: Double Corona
Wrapper: Cameroon Wrapper
Binder: Dominican binder
Filler: Dominican filler
Price: $27.00 a stick

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