Review: Esteban Carreras 211

Review: Esteban Carreras 211
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This week and last week we have been featuring Esteban Carreras in our news and review cycles. This boutique company has been producing sticks for a few years now and have been coming out with some affordable lines with great flavor. One of their latest releases is the 211 (police code for robbery) which features the same wrapper leaf of the legendary Millennium series by Davidoff. This Ecuadorian sun grown hybrid wrapper  sits on a different combination of binder and filler than the Davidoff millennium lines of course, and is instead a mixture of Nicaraguan tobaccos. So with an interesting police code and a renowned wrapper leaf behind the 211, the question remains is it a steal of a deal or just another run of the mill stick?

Well thankfully I can report that the 211 is a good stick that is made even better by its great price structure. The first thing I noticed when inspecting the cigar was it’s firm body with only a few soft spots. Turning to the wrapper revealed a slight oily sheen that yielded a rich barnyard and earth note. Continuing to the foot reveals the same aromatic profile and a quick clip of the cap with my Palio cutter revealed an easy draw with just the right amount of resistance.

The story of the 211 is a straightforward enough. It starts off with a pepper burst that is short lived and then transitions into what become the dominant flavors throughout the rest of the cigar. The medley of flavors is a combination of floral, earth, and some notes of dark chocolate. Throughout the smoking experience the notes jockey for attention with the dark chocolate note never becoming too dominant. Chiefly it is the earth and sweet floral notes that are center stage in a well balanced display throughout the cigar. Smoke production throughout is generous and the burn lines remain even without correction being needed.

Overall there is not much to find fault with this cigar. For right around the five dollar price point it offers a solid value to the consumer and could even be considered a great everyday smoke for the connosieur. The only thing one may find fault with, is it  is not a terribly complex cigar. But lets be honest, sometimes its really nice to sit and smoke a cigar that doesn’t change a whole lot. I really enjoyed the 211 and it is by far my favorite of the Carreras lines. The 211 provides a medium body smoking experience that nearly any level of consumer can enjoy. So if you are looking for a consistent medium bodied cigar that has lots of flavor and an excellent price, then check out the Esteban Carreras 211 today!

Size: Corona (6×44)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Price: $5-6.xx in the AZ market

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