Review: Ernesto Carrillo Short Run 2012

Review: Ernesto Carrillo Short Run 2012
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There are many manufacturer releases that I enjoy, but few get me as excited as the releases of Ernesto Carrillo. Everyone has their palate preferences of course, and I am no different, and that is why for me, the cigars of Ernesto Carrillo really resonate. So it is really no surprise that I was super excited by the news that EPC would be releasing a 2012 Short Run. The best part though, was not only was there a 2012 Short Run being produced, but it was the synergistic apogee of two of my favorite cigars, the New Wave Connecticut and the Core Maduro.

The Short Run 2012 is an amalgam of the best elements of the NWC and the Core Maduro. The wrapper is the same golden hued Ecuadorian Connecticut beauty that drapes the NWC. Delve a bit further and you will find that the broadleaf used as the wrapper in the maduro is used as the binder in the Short Run. Add to that the combination of familiar Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and you have one great cigar.

Examining the Short Run reveals a firm pack and smooth draw upon the cap being clipped. An inspection of the foot reveals a barnyard note coupled with a hint of cedar wood. Lighting up the cigar brings about the subtle notes of cedar and a sweet nuttiness. My palate gravitates towards a macadamia nut for the nut sweetness component. In the first quarter it is mostly that nuttiness mixed with a little cedar and a stronger sweetness of perhaps nutmeg. From here the cigar stays pretty much the same. the sweetness of nuts and nutmeg vary in prominence and proportion, but overall the Short Run stays consistent in its flavor profile.

What makes a great cigar in my opinion is not always flavor complexity, but rather creating a cigar with a consistent enjoyable flavor profile throughout. The Short Run 2012 delivers this in spades, it has a sweet creamy character that is there from the first puff to the final exhale. Everything about the Short Run 2012 was executed superbly and the profile should appeal to anyone who is a fan of creamy cigars with a consistent flavor profile. EPC has showed once again why they deserve every accolade they get, by producing an amazingly consistent and flavorful cigar. So don’t delay, go out an track down one of these excellent treats today!


Format: Invictos (Toro) and Exquisitos (Robusto)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

Price: $7.10 in the AZ market

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