Drew Estate Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

Drew Estate Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig
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Drew Estate Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

Feral Flying PigFew things have been flying off the shelves these days as fast as the Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig. It is one beast of a cigar and every bit as wild as its moniker. Approaching this cigar was counter-intuitive to my normal preference in cigars, but being a reviewer I wanted to keep an open mind and embrace the feral pig.  To my enjoyment and excitement the Feral Pig was really quite the treat and full of rich and robust flavor.

Looking at the cigar is a bit daunting, especially if you are more of a fan of the smaller sizes, the dark Feral Pig is a hefty 60 gauge cigar tapered at both ends with a tightly wound pigtail to cap the cigar. Feeling and inspecting the cigar reveals no soft spots and looking at the broadleaf reveals a nice oily sheen. The aroma off the foot is a light barnyard with some sweetness, and clipping the cap reveals an excellent draw with a slight resistance.

Smoking the Feral Pig is an experience of flavor and complexity. I have enjoyed a lot of cigars this year, but few have had quite as many note changes as the Feral Pig. The first quarter reveals a dry floral note that intermingles with a hint of cocoa and nuts. As the cigar begins to unfold it transitions into a birch wood note accented by citrus. All of this aromatic play happens before the midpoint where the cigar takes a journey into the realm of bitter dark chocolate. The dominance of the chocolate notes are pleasant and rich and are quite commanding for most of the middle, until a hint of leather begins to overtake it and transitions the cigar into the final act.  The final third reveals a dry floral note and herbal note, that reminds me of the first quarter of the Undercrown. The finish of the Feral pig is a mix of coffee and floral.

The Feral Flying Pig is not for the faint of heart, it is a hefty smoke that has quite a punch in the strength department. Few sticks have made me outright spin this year, but this one definitely started to put me in that category by the end. But was it worth it? Every inch of the Flying Pig was a real treat. It is far more robust and complex in my opinion than other versions and should promptly be put on the list of all those who are fans of full bodied and full flavored smokes. So next time you see one of these bad boys laying around your local tobacconists humidor, do yourself a favor and pick up a Feral Flying Pig before they fly right of the shelf in front of your eyes!

Size: 60 gauge flying pig
Wrapper: Connecticut broadleaf
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: Nicaraguan Price
Price: $14.xx in AZ


  1. acigarsmokerpeter February 13, 2012 at 9:04 am - Reply

    I agree completely, the Feral Flying Pig is one beast of a cigar. It delivers in quality, flavor, and goes over the top with strength. I’ve stashed a few away now while I can still find them that way I can keep enjoying them for years to come.

    Peter G

    • Anthony C. February 13, 2012 at 9:25 am - Reply

      That’s a great idea Peter, I’ve done the same myself! 🙂 Its too good of a cigar not to stash away and I’m curious what a little age will do to them.

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