Review: Avo La Trompeta

Review: Avo La Trompeta
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March is a great time of year! Spring is being ushered in, everything seems to be a bit brighter with the fading of winter, and optimal cigar smoking weather is coming back into full bloom. Another exciting event in March, of course, is the eager anticipation of Avo’s annual limited release. Coinciding with  Avo’s 86th birthday is the release of the limited edition cigar known as La Trompeta (The Trumpet). La Trompeta is a nod to Avo’s proud heritage as an acclaimed musician and the cigar mirrors this in its design by incorporating three small circular tobacco leaf cutouts on the cigar that represent the keys of a trumpet. Its clear that the packaging is intriguing and unique, but the real question is, “how does La trompeta smoke?”

As mentioned above, La Trompeta has a great look to it and features a smooth Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper that has minimal oils and vein protrusions. The cigar is definitely firmly packed with very few soft spots and leaves me wondering if its going to have a tough draw. Thankfully, after clipping the cap, I check the draw and find it to be a bit on the firm side, but with only a little more resistance than I would like. In all three cigars that I smoked the draw was firm, but nothing that ever got in the way of enjoying the cigar. Before I light the cigar I inspect the foot and wrapper and find that it gives off a strong sweet barnyard aroma.

Lighting the cigar and smoking the first inch confirms my suspicions that this cigar has a very distinct Dominican profile. The Trumpeta yields prominent notes of floral, leather, and grass with a hint of pepper spice. As the cigar progresses the spice note fades and the strong floral note remains with the intermittent grass notes vying for attention. At the midpoint the grass note becomes more pronounced and is still intermingled with the floral note and the new arrival of a  hint of birch-wood. Overall at this point the construction has held strong, the draw has loosened up a bit, and the cigar has been burning well and leaves a tight grey ash. Turning to the last third reveals a finish of floral and grass with a slight staleness at the nubbing point.

Overall I enjoyed the Trumpeta and was probably more impressed with it than some of the more recent limited edition Avo releases. The cigar never gets much past the medium to medium plus point, so it would be a good choice for fan’s of medium bodied cigars with a leaning towards consistency rather than complexity. In most markets this cigar will retail for around fifteen dollars which is a bit steep for the casual buy. In my estimation it really should be more of a ten to twelve dollar cigar, but I would still recommend it for those who appreciate a consistent medium bodied cigar with a distinct Dominican profile.

Size: 6 1/2 Inches

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown “Seleccion 702″

Binder: Dominican Piloto

Filler: Dominican & Peruvian

MSRP: $15.50 (Boxes of 10, $155.00)


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