Review: Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale

Review: Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale

Nearly two hundred years ago, 1820 to be exact, a Scottish native named Alexander Keith established his brewery in Nova Scotia. That’s Canada for those of you who failed geography, you know, that big snowy patch of land to our north. On June 8, 2011, Anheuser Busch-Inbev introduced this line into several U.S. markets. They must have done this rather stealthily because awareness of this brand is low. Enough about the lack of advertising (like we need more of that), let’s pour this thing and see what happens.

First off, the color is quite pleasing. It is a beautiful golden beer with just the slightest hint of copper, an abundance of rich creamy head which dissipated at a moderate pace, leaving a little lace behind on the glass.

The nose was a little yeasty, a little fruity, and a bit sweet with an interesting dandelion floral note. So far so good.

The first sip struck me as crisp and fairly clean, a tad sweet and I thought, a bit under hopped. I longed for a little citrus, what I got instead was light bitterness and straw.

The beer felt smooth and viscous and gave me a sense of refreshment.  The carbonation was very light to begin with and half way through it all but vanished. I don’t mention this as a negative. If anything, it gave the ale a very English feel which I found endearing. The abv  weighs in at 5.4% and doesn’t stand out at all, even as the beer got a little warmer

The thing I found least desirable in this brew was the aftertaste. It was sour and seemed to coat the inside of my mouth, taking several minutes to go away.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a more aesthetically appealing, flavorful alternative to the common fizzy yellow beers which are so prevalent, Alexander Keith’s Pale Ale might be worth a try. If you like the English pale ale style, this is reminiscent of that, without completely nailing it. If you like a beer that finishes clean, perhaps you should continue your search elsewhere. In a crowded competitive market filled with interesting, high quality craft beers, I think Alexander Keith’s has a tough row to hoe.

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  1. david January 23, 2014 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    if you are prone to migraine headaches, do not drink this beer.

    i do not know if its the water they use, metal of the still or keg or if it is in the ingredients but i felt horrible after one beer and then a migraine.

    it did not taste that good either, the pale ale lighter beer should have more crisp taste and less heavy syrup dark tones.

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