Review: 2011 Fuente Opus X Forbidden Lost City

Review: 2011 Fuente Opus X Forbidden Lost City

The Fuente Opus X is one of those cigars that sends most cigar fans scrambling to their local tobacconist when they are in stock. Scarcity, age, and consistency have established this legendary cigar a healthy amount of respect in the humidors of connoisseurs and hobbyist alike. There are many varying opinions on the Opus X as to whether you should smoke it fresh off the shelf or let it rest for a while.  In my humble opinion I find that the best Opus is one that has aged for two or three years. My main reasoning is that a fresh Opus tends to be heavy on spice and strength, but an aged one tends to find a balance between the spice and other notes that lie within the cigar. I realize for many the temptation is too great and the desire to smoke the Opus immediately wins out. For those individuals I recommend the Fuente Opus X Forbidden Lost City.

Smoking an Opus X Lost City is like smoking an aged Opus. It is the balanced wonderful cigar that an Opus can truly be. I was at my local tobacconist, Fox Cigar Bar, in Gilbert, AZ this last week and found they had brought the Opus X Lost City in, in a Lancero, Toro, and Piramide format. I’m a sucker for a good lancero so I indulged in one of those as my format of choice.

As Opus’ tend to be excellently constructed, the construction on my Lost City Opus was also excellent and I found the wrapper to be toothy and gorgeous. Cutting the cap revealed an easy draw and an inspection of the foot revealed a sweet berry and barnyard foot. I was honestly surprised by the strong sweetness that came off the foot, it was definitely more than I have experienced with any other Opus before.

The Opus X immediately started off with a balanced assortment of flavors ranging from currant notes to wood notes and back again, all the meanwhile being interspersed with brief bursts of spice. As the midpoint approached there was a clear transition between the first half and the second half. The midpoint revealed a wood-like note, that was fairly reminiscent to me of a tongue depressor at a doctors office (not in a bad way mind you) and a secondary dry floral note that was peppered with spice. Leaving the midpoint and transitioning to the final act revealed a heightened dry floral note and a clean full finish with no excessive heat.

The Fuente Opus X Lost City is a phenomenal cigar and one of my favorite guilty pleasures of the 2011 year thus far. I know we rank a lot of cigars highly and the reason is we smoke what we like, but this one truly stands out as a prime example of a well-balanced cigar that from foot to finish delivers big flavor, complexity, and strength. The Lost City series is rare and is part of a Prometheus account so they are hard to come by and with a limited run of 4,500 boxes of ten cigars divided amongst the different sizes, they truly are a rarity. My recommendation is to find a lancero, if possible, and buy as many as you can, because its the most limited production in the bunch at only 400 boxes, and is the most concentrated in showing you the full potential of the line. If you are in Arizona the only place I know of right now carrying them is Fox Cigar Bar, in Gilbert, and to the rest of our audience you will have to do your best to ferret them out. But by all means do so. Go forth and harness your inner Coronado and embark on your own adventure to find and discover the Lost City Opus X Forbidden today!

Format: Lancero (7.5 x 38)

Wrapper: Five Year Aged, Summer Harvested Dominican

Binder: Aged Dominican

Filler: Aged Dominican




  1. HunterVonPickett January 26, 2012 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    The reason I have to comment here is because I’m just a little bit astounded. I recently went to the same cigar bar in Gilbert az and saw this cigar and looked up a review to see if it was worth 25 bucks only to find the Guy who reviewed it goes to the same stogie hut, to this day only 1 lancero is gone from the box and I just might have to pick one up just because of this review

    • Anthony C. January 26, 2012 at 2:32 pm - Reply

      Hunter, the box of lanceros sold out a bit ago, so its not possible to buy one at Fox’s anymore. The only sizes that currently remain, last I checked, are the double robusto, toro, and robusto sizes.

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