Rants and News: Paul Reflects on the Cigar Industry

Rants and News: Paul Reflects on the Cigar Industry

Rants and News: Paul Reflects on the Cigar Industry

It’s kind of a slow news week. These happen every so often, especially this time of the year. The holidays have passed, the IPCPR  trade show is a long way off and most of the country is in their slow retail season. That doesn’t leave me with much news to report on. There aren’t any new cigars to review either.

cigarWhat to do? I guess I could tell you about the forthcoming Black Market “Dirty Hooligan” which Alec Bradley is planning to have in stores by March 5. Just what the world needs! Another candela cigar. Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon that broke down on the side of the road a year ago and has already been stripped and burned. If anyone is interested, it appears to be a toro that will have an SRP of $8.00, only 2000 boxes will be made so hurry into your local brick and mortar after March 5 and pick some up in time for St. Patricks Day. Get drunk on cheap green beer while you smoke your green cigar, and have fun washing the green puke off of your shoes the next morning. On another note, is the name funny or downright offensive?

As long as I’m venting, does CA’s Connoisseurs Corner irritate any of you? It seems that every time they smoke a vintage Havana from their seemingly endless supply, the experience is magical. Most of you will never have an opportunity to smoke any of the cigars in that section, not necessarily because you couldn’t afford them but because you’ll never have access to them. When there is no one to prove you wrong, you can write anything you want. Now, if they would occasionally pan one of thes smokes and say it was a little long in the tooth, tasted flat, maybe rate one a 76, them I might believe them when they rate a 52 year old Partagas #18 at a whopping 98! Why don’t you change the name of the magazine to CUBAN cigar AFICIONADO since it’s obvious that is your preference.

Why doesn’t anybody publish “Bottom 25 Cigars of the Year”? That would be an interesting list but there is no money in doing that.

And while we are at it, what’s up with online exclusives from major cigar manufacturers that sell for considerably less than their widely distributed counterparts? Why would they make something for less that is as good or better than their mainstream line for just one company to sell, when they could just sell them at thousands of stores across the country in tremendous volume (not risk cheapening their brand) and make even more money? I’m not saying that these cigars are not sometimes good, just that you need to be realistic when paying pennies on the dollar for name brand exclusives. In the interest of full disclosure, I own a brick and mortar store and have an obvious bias.

Thus endeth the rant. Let the comments begin.


  1. Mr Bill January 21, 2013 at 8:45 am - Reply

    I have a bit of a soft spot for candela cigars. When I graduated HS in 71 my dad, who smoked candelas exclusively, introduced me to cigars and scotch. He smoked Bolivars and had a large humidor full of them. He also showed me the cigars he gave out when I was born in 52. Romeo Y Julieta and gave me one to keep
    So, on Feb 19th each year, his BD I still have a candela and a glass of Chivas and thank god for an awesome father and friend. Miss ya Dad!!

    • Paul January 21, 2013 at 10:51 am - Reply

      Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory. I’ll have to ask my Dad what (if any) cigars he passed out for my birth.I hope the answer isn’t Garcia Y Vega and Schlitz!

  2. NTA_Shawn February 6, 2013 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    I don’t care too much for many candela cigars. I somewhat liked the first Viaje WLP Candela from a few years ago. But since then, I haven’t found any that meet my likings.

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