Quick Take: Illusione Ultra OP No.4

Quick Take: Illusione Ultra OP No.4
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The Illusione Ultra OP No.4 review marks a new feature around Cigar Brief which is our “Quick Take” feature where we take a quick look at a cigar, render a casual verdict, and will come back and do a full form review at a later point. This feature I think will be nice in that it gives our readership a quick opinion on the new things hitting the market and it also allows us to review cigars at two different points and ideally with two different perspectives. so without further adieu my quick look at the Illusione Ultra OP No.4.

Illusione Ultra OP No.4



The Illusione Ultra Op series is the next iteration of the MK Ultra line which came out in 2011. The MK Ultra was a rather tasty cigar and we took a look at it here. As far as the new Ultra OP lines go they vary from the original release in size and form. The form variation is that the OP lines are all boxed pressed. I’m a sucker for a good box pressed cigar and the Illusione Ultra OP No.4 is about as sexy as they come. As I opened up the boxes at the shop I surveyed each size and immediately gravitated towards the OP No.4.

The Op No.4 had a firm press to it with a dark oily wrapper. There was some concern when they came in that they still may be wet as that was the reason for the shipment hold up, but nothing in my inspection and smoking of the OP No.4 revealed signs of wetness. The Ultra OP had flawless construction and burned well with only a little heat towards the end.

My initial observations, as this was more of a casual experience rather than a formal evaluation, revealed a cigar of medium + strength, slight spice, and a lot of flavor. The major flavor notes that I picked up were sweet notes of cocoa and some cedar. At some points I detected a floral sweetness as well, but the majority of my experience was fairly grounded in sweet cocoa.

I got to say, I really loved this cigar! Everything about it was in my personal wheelhouse. The size was perfect, the box pressed inspired, and the flavor and strength balance were fantastic. It was full of flavor, contained a cool burn until the last quarter, and was excellently constructed. If you like Illusione and the MK Ultra line, then this cigar is going to be right up your alley. I’m curious to see what Paul will say about the lines, but as for my thoughts thus far, I must be drinking the coolaid of the Ultra program, because I can’t speak highly enough about these little flavor bombs.

Size: Robusto 4 3/4 x 48
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Prize: $8.99-9.xx a stick in AZ

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