Quick Smoke Review: Urbano Sumatra!

Quick Smoke Review: Urbano Sumatra!

This one could be a game changer! Urbano is a boutique brand that you’re probably not familiar with yet, but do yourself a favor and go get familiar.  The Urbano Sumatra is one of the best new cigars I’ve been lucky enough to come across.  This new boutique blend is comprised of first generation Cuban seed tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic.  The construction is impressive and utilizes the Cuban accordion style roll which really creates an even burning and correction free stick.  The wrapper is dark and satiny with a mildly sweet aroma.  The draw is fantastic which I found a bit surprising in relationship to the firmness of the stick.

From start to finish the cigar produces sweet earthy notes with a very noticeable chocolate tone that permeates the entire smoke.  I tend to be pretty critical of most cigars and I firmly believe that the ash of a cigar will tell you a lot about the time and care that a cigar received while being created and let me say emphatically, you will not be disappointed.  The ash is snow white, perfectly formed and solid with nearly nonexistent burn lines.  I feel like I’m gushing here a bit, but it’s hard not to be excited about a new brand that produces such quality smokes.

If you’re in the mood for a mild to medium stick with flawless construction and consistently delicious flavor then look no further.

Oh yeah, and at about six dollars, the price doesn’t hurt either.


Rating: 9.50
6 X 50 Toro
: Dominican

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