Quick Smoke: The New Kristoff Corojo Limitada

Quick Smoke: The New Kristoff Corojo Limitada

Today I tried the new Kristoff Corojo Limitada and one word instantly comes to mind, leather.  The stick itself is dark brown in color with relatively few veins on its wrapper.  The nearly puro Nicouraguan Limitada has a strong scent of wood and leather once removed from its cellophane.  Once lit, the 100% Habano seed tobacco, triple fermented smoke starts out very peppery and spicy.  The draw is moderate and requires a few strong puffs before getting a full smoke.  Once the spiciness begins to mellow a bit the corojo takes on its consistent profile of heavy leather with a slightly smoked hickory aftertaste.  At about the halfway mark the stick begins to deliver a slightly sweet nutmeg and floral note that further enhances its hickory flavor.  Towards the end of the smoke the spice begins to increase dramatically and it continues throughout the entirety of the cigar.  As with most cigars, the vitola became quite hot near the end and caused the flavor to become quite bitter.  All in all, it is a decent smoke.  There were a few small construction issues in that the cap began to unravel as did the entire stick once the band was removed.  If I had to make a recommendation about when to smoke one of these I would suggest lighting one up at you’re next summer barbecue while standing near a smoker filled to the brim with BBQ pork.  At about an eight dollar price point it’s hard to strongly recommend this smoke just for the fact it has a slightly different profile then a lot of other cigars that are currently flooding the marketplace with parity.  However, give this one a try and see what the new sticks from Kristoff have to offer!

Rating: 7.25

Wrapper: Nicoraguan Corojo Habano

Binder: Nicoraguan Habano

Filler: Nicoraguan Habano, Dominican Habano

Price: $8.00

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