Quick Smoke: My Uzi Weighs A Ton (Updated)

Quick Smoke: My Uzi Weighs A Ton (Updated)

Over the last couple of weeks the online buzz has been building about the new collaboration stick by Jonathan Drew’s Subculture Studio’s and Joya De Nicaragua. The cigar known as “My Uzi Weighs A Ton” or MUWAT is an immense 6×60 smoke that has been billed as a medium body blend for the average man. I could spend my time doing a full review of the cigar with background information, but I am going to let my Brother’s of the Leaf do the talking instead. The following are a list of links to some of the best reviews and information sources on the MUWAT (the post photo is also from the fellas over at CigarExplorer.com, they were blessed with the good fortune of receiving a band for the MUWAT). Also, in this article for posterity, I have included my quick take after the links.


A Selection of MUWAT Reviews:

  • Cigar Explorer’s Dan Reeve does an excellent job here and the gang talks with Jonathan Drew about it here.
  • A Cigar Smoker’s Barry takes a look at the MUWAT from his thorough perspective here.
  • Smoking Stogie’s newly acquired, but seasoned Patrick M takes a look at it here
Our Take:
The MUWAT is an interesting cigar to be sure. As many bloggers have pointed out in their reviews of the MUWAT, it is not their favorite size and I would agree. The markets and trends tend to however show that the average consumer likes this size, and as JD has stated in his interview with Cigar Explorer, its really for that demographic. In my opinion, 6×60’s like any other size can be executed well or done poorly; in the case of the MUWAT it was done well. The airflow is generous, the construction is well executed, and the materials used to create the cigar make for a pretty interesting blend. For my palette I got mostly sweet floral notes with some leather mingling in, and a mild initial spice that mellowed as the cigar moved further along. The cigar was definitely medium in strength with a lean towards full strength at the end. My overall take is that its a good stick that I probably would really enjoy in a smaller gauge, but many will enjoy it in its current format. So if you are a fan of big gauges and a medium body cigar with solid flavor, then the MUWAT should be a strong contender for your pocket book!

Rating: 8.0
Strength: Medium +
Price: $9.95
Size: 6×60
Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Brazillian & Nicaraguan
Editor’s Note: In a brief twitter response to our article post earlier today Jonathan Drew posted this photo and announced that “MUWAT ‘Bait Fish’ is the next UZI size, 4×44, provided we take our time.” A little more can be found about Bait Fish’s profile on the BOTL Forum, under the Undercrown thread here describing it as “full strength” although the packaging seems to state that it will be medium bodied like its 6×60 counter part.

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