Q D’Etat “Daga” From Quesada First Take

Q D’Etat “Daga” From Quesada First Take

Q D’Etat “Daga” From Quesada First Take

Quesada Q D'Etat DagaThe third, and I am told, final installment in the Q D’Etat  series A.K.A.  the Daga (dagger) is a sexy, long slender Salamon which immediately struck me as a great size, much more appealing than the previous affectations, the Molotov and the Howitzer.

I was of course correct.

The additional length provided a much cooler, smoother smoke at first light and calmed down the blast of peppery spice and acidity which turned me off to the first two vitolas.

The nearly closed foot provided very little for the nose, while the wrapper revealed notes of cocoa and tea…let’s say Earl Grey. The draw was effortless, in a good way and the smoke, cool and smooth. Flavors of nutmeg, autumn leaves and a sweet caramel back-note made the first third delightful.

The ash held strong for easily two inches before I knocked it off to prevent a mess. The flavors from the first third intensify through the middle with the addition of a slight, pleasant mintiness.

The halfway mark is where things began to build to a crescendo of remarkably sweet spice, as well as body, transitioning from mild-plus at the start to a rich, solid medium-plus as the coup reach it conclusion. This cigar never got heavy or acidic like the first two installments of the series. In my opinion, the Daga is the crowning jewel of the Q D’Etat line and will be well worth snapping up when they are finally available.

Well done Manuel, you are a credit to your art!


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