Plasencia & General Team Up for Don Sixto Project

Plasencia & General Team Up for Don Sixto Project

Plasencia & General Team Up for Don Sixto Project

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Don Sixto is one of those releases that flew under the radar at the show. When I asked my guys in the field about it, they couldn’t even recall seeing it, but to me this is perhaps one of the most intriguing collaborations and releases General will be coming out with this year. Everyone has probably seen and heard about the flashy new releases from General Cigar such as Foundry and Team La Gloria’s Trunk Show, but its this plain, unassuming cigar that intrigues me. The Don Sixto appears to have all the right components in place: a solid blend, a great pedigree in Plasencia, simple packaging that is retailer friendly, and an emphasis on the cigar and its profile.

Plasencia has been doing some solid work lately and their Humo Jaguar Project for Miami Cigar and Company is an excellent example of that. This year at the show 262 launched their new line Revere which also comes out of Plasencia, and was also a darn tasty cigar. So this team up has me excited and I can’t wait to see how the cigar turns out. Without further adieu, the press release from General on the Don Sixto:

Introducing Don Sixto by Plasencia, a new collection developed by the Plasencia Group. Don Sixto will be marketed and distributed exclusively by General Cigar, marking the first collaboration between the two companies which entered into a joint venture in March, 2010.

According to Nestor Plasencia, president of The Plasencia Group, “We’re excited to release our first cigar in partnership General Cigar. We are looking forward to tapping into their marketing expertise and the strength of their dedicated sales team to bring Don Sixto to cigar lovers across the U.S.”  

Don Sixto is named in tribute to Sixto Plasencia, the patriarch who established the family’s tobacco empire in Cuba and was among the first to cultivate tobacco in Honduras and Nicaragua. This four-cigar collection is made of hand-selected tobaccos solely cultivated on the very plantations where Don Sixto himself toiled for decades.

Handcrafted in Honduras, Don Sixto cigars embody the Plasencia’s unwavering commitment to tobacco. As such, they are handcrafted with a Connecticut Honduras wrapper and proprietary Nicaraguan and Honduran blend, with a Habano Esteli binder, all cultivated and processed by the Plasencia Group. Just as the Plasencia family stands alone in tobacco, the distinctive flavor and fine, aged tobaccos are peerless.

The four-cigar collection will make its retail debut in early October, featuring these frontmarks:

Robusto (4 ½” x 50, SRP per cigar is $5.75) 

Corona Gorda (5 ½” x 52, SRP per cigar is $6.25)

Toro Grande (6” x 56, SRP per cigar is $6.75)

Grande (6” x 60, SRP per cigar is $7.25).

With visual representations of the family’s original Cuban tobacco farm called El Corojal, Don Sixto by Plasencia is sure to speak to those who are drawn to cigars born of the legacy and expertise of a true tobacco dynasty. 

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  1. Peter August 8, 2012 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, I enjoy a lot of the plasencia blends.

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